Make New Friends . . . and a Giveaway Preview

We've all sung this tune more times than we'd care to count, around blazing campfires on dark summer nights and in brightly lit Sunday school rooms on Tuesday afternoons and on the great big evening stage in elementary school productions.  We've crooned those simple words acappella or with guitars strumming, often in a round, sweet voices blended together with childlike enthusiasm, albeit just a tad off-key

I'd like to think that over a lifetime I've tucked a wealth of relationship gold close to my heart, treasured friends who've carved a cherished, permanent place of honor somewhere deep even though our paths seldom cross these days.  And in this topsy-tervy transition season, the silver is beginning to add up in surprisingly unexpected ways that fill me with a gratitude that just can't be ignored.

I feel rich indeed.

You, too?


Us introverts just love cozy settings and significant conversations with other kindred spirits.  We're not into noise and crazymaking and strained small talk.  And I've always loved being a bit of a matchmaker, a relationship builder ... creating warm and welcoming spaces, inviting a few like-minded souls to join hearts over coffee or a meal, gathering people together when I think they'd just click.

Maybe that's one of the reasons I'm so passionate about nurturing this little online community.

I'm excited to introduce you to seven inspirational women I've run into recently.  Simply put, their words are oft' profound and thought-provoking, their spaces radiant and peaceful.  And the images they capture and share?  Sublime.

Let's put it this way.  If you like coming here, you'll love going there.

If you've already met up with any of them, you know what I'm talking about.  And if you haven't ... well you're in for a treat.


Paige Knudsen
photographer & journaler

Lisa McKay
psychologist & author

'less busy, more being'

photographer & retired therapist

designer & creator

teacher & photographer

'worth, relationships, faith'


As I close out this post, I won't pass up the opportunity to send my love to all you faithful friends who've been hanging around here for awhile.  Whether you're in on every conversation or sitting quietly on the sidelines and soaking it all in, I love doing community with you.  Please know that I feel so very blessed that we're sojourning this life together.

This is the internet at its best.  I thank God upon every remembrance of you.

If you're new around here ... well, I'm just so happy you've dropped in.  I hope you'll stay and linger to wander around a bit.  I'd love that.  You'll meet some really exceptional women and men conversing back and forth on all kinds of subjects.  It's a community with wide open arms.  You are welcome here ... and I'd just love if you'd subscribe before you head out.    

That's it for now.  And speaking of friends, I'm slipping quietly off into the sunset for an early 40th anniversary celebration with the love of my life.  I'll see you later ...

First item of business when I return?  A truly wonderful giveaway {or 2!} of Sarah Young's brand new book, Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids