A Low-Key Christmas

It's not a sparkly, bling-y, rockin' Christmas this year.

And holly jolly?

Not so much.

But advent's comfort and joy quietly make their soothing, gentle presence known, even in this year where we've found ourselves swept along by the churning tide of tremendous upheaval.  Endless transition.  Multiplied griefs.  And far from feeling that our new house is yet home sweet home.

Yet I think it's fair to say that it is well with our souls.  And for God's peaceful, steady presence, I'm grateful.

 my husband's childhood sled patiently awaits the
 companionship of a bunch of fresh juniper branches
or a fragrant green wreath

a special someone just loved chilling out under the tree
 before the ornaments made their appearance

this year, all the fragile vintage collectibles remained safely tucked away

i let the kiddos do their thing with anything and everything unbreakable

everyone seemed to have a favorite ornament or two

decorating makes you oh-so-hungry

the gang soon departs and the house becomes so still
that you can hear a lone mouse gnawing somewhere upstairs

the little wooden guy perched on the miniature file cabinet 
might like a bit of snow but I'm quite content with warmer temps

this view from the loft always reminds me of one of the reasons we bought the house

my husband stopped the car on an afternoon drive and grabbed some snippers
 from his handy toolbox so i could return home with a few berry laden branches

my vintage 1955 felt stocking still does a fine job
holding little treasures on Christmas morn'
... 4 more mantel pics are here

a cherished child's desk safely cradles
 my grandfather's miniature books in the cubbies

 an old tin candlestick lights the way to the oak dresser

holiday dishclothes quickly dry in the breezes 

advent season's morning nourishment for body and soul

even the screens can't block those twinkling lights
 that always make me smile

and some beauties shine best when undisturbed and unadorned







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