November Gratitudes

*  beach walks ...

November felt like September around here
not every day, but more than our fair share  
we seize & embrace the radiant days

*  simply Thanksgiving ...

plain white Corelle dishes & mugs
rarely used silverplate utensils
paper napkins from the Christmas Tree Shop
an old lace tablecloth

*  delightful surprise ...

 the Out of Sorts ~ Sarah's Synchroblog post was a great big hit around here
imagine my joy when Sarah Bessey included my post in her list of favorites

*  the mantel ...

sea glass & little white pumpkins
dried flowers & driftwood & shells
an ancestor's spice chest & juniper springs & red berries
I just can't stop adding yet one more layer to the mantel

*  remembering Tyler ...

our daughter Jenn, her husband Barry, and the kids

sharing gratitudes with
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