Porch #94 * A June Care Package

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There's nothing like combing the beach for elusive sea glass to teach this sojourner a few lessons ...

like paying a whole lot more attention to the subtle clues of what's happening around you

keeping both eyes open for quiet gems that usually stay hidden

tuning out endless noise to focus on what matters most

treasuring the nuances and hidden serendipity of random discoveries

believing without a doubt that He specializes in producing miracles when you least expect them


Very thought provoking reads ...


As we enter into the busiest month of the year, I look back at May's quiet rhythms with thanksgiving.  I feel fairly prepared and energized for all the non-stop activity in the weeks ahead ... the unexpected occurrences, complex emotions, jam-packed tables, happy hubbub, and the resulting exhaustion and rich milestone memories that will be created as we surround ourselves with family.

I truly can't wait for it all.

But honestly, I'm trusting for a miracle or two in the process.

Maybe you're praying for the same.

Meanwhile, here's a beautiful faith-journey song, a bit mysterious and haunting in its invitation.  I keep going back to it, finding something deeper in each foray.  Because He's always beckoning us to a faith that's more profound, more substantial, more holy.

More than ever.



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