Porch #93 * I Think Our Families Need Our Prayers

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Happy end of May to you and yours!

I hear that 42 million Americans are planning to travel 50 miles or more this weekend.  If that's you, I hope you're safe and sound, surrounded by ones you love, and that this respite will recharge your batteries and give you fresh perspective.

And ready you for the madness that we call the month of June.

I've been on a bit of a digital cleanout in recent weeks.  I've deleted thousands of emails, unsubscribed from all kinds of inbox chatter, and am in the final stretch of updating my email address on dozens and dozens of websites.

Tonight finds me sifting through posts from back in the day.  Here's a little something from 2015 and eight years later, I find it fascinating that every line continues to ring true.  I'm guessing you may be nodding your head in agreement.

So yes, I think know our families need our prayers.  Not our tiresome advice, worn-out opinions, or useless hand-wringing.  Just our faithful connection with the Lover of their souls on their behalf.

Thank You, Lord, for the movement of the seasons.

Always going forward.
I can't wait to see what You're going to do. 

I sit back with eyes wide open, faith strong and solid, 
 sometimes tinged with fear, those whiffs of anxiety coming to call.
Yet still ringed with joy.
For You are good, You answer prayer, 
You care about those I love and our endless neediness.

So, I give You this day, these last days of May, the unfolding future.
 I release my fears and concerns and all those I love into Your keeping.

For, if it is possible, You love them even more than I, 
and You have all power to affect change in their lives,
 to give wisdom and courage and direction,
to bring healing in all the ways that matter. 

You understand the need for hope and faith multiplied.

Where would we go without Jesus?
Who would we be without You, Lord?

These questions have no imaginable answers.


May these final days of May fill you with a sweet kind of anticipation.  May you know boundless peace in uncertainty, a higher love without limits, and more sunny days than you dreamed possible.

Meanwhile, how can we pray for your family?  Please feel free to share your requests ... with no names or specific details.


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