Doing the Blogging Life

Hey There ~

For awhile, I've been wanting to chat with other bloggers about how they live out their blogging lives.  I've never seen a discussion devoted to personal behind the scenes values and logistics.  I find myself curious, fascinated really, to get a peek at what works for you ... and what doesn't. 

For sure, there's no one right way to do the blogging life and chances are how you're living it out now has evolved from when you first started ... as well as being quite different from your neighbor's philosophy and practice.

I've thrown a whole lot of questions on the table to get the conversation going, but I really want to hear what's on your heart, the good, the bad, the divine, the not-so-pretty.

As ever, we are all students, listening well to each other's vulnerable stories, respecting our differences, and gleaning from hard won know-how, mistakes and victories.  

Iron sharpens iron {Proverbs 27:17}.

Are you an old-timer or a fresh face?

Keep a posting schedule or go with the creative flow?

How many hours a week?

Developed a unique niche?

How do you dream up topics?

Do you participate in weekly link-ups?

Take time off?

Run out of steam?

How do your nurture your community?

And manage the tech stuff?

Do unpleasant emotions make an appearance?

Is this a money maker?

Have interactions been hurtful or harmful?

Embraced a theme, mantra, or mission statement?

How many bloggers do you follow?

Do you schedule time for commenting on other blogs?

What hasn't worked for you?

Impact of other social media?

Spending less morning quiet time with God?

Your biggest disappointment?

Your greatest joy?

What might God want to do with your passion to write, create, nurture, teach, mentor, lead?

Can't wait to hear how you do the ins and outs, the ups and downs of a fulfilling, Christ-honoring blog life ~



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