Porch #45 * Doughnuts + Jarcuteries

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Hey All ~

This week's PORCH has been growing by the hour.  As I pull this edition together, one after another delightful link magically comes my way, just begging to be shared.  

I brewed a gallon of sweet tea in the bright sunshine yesterday ... if you were here, I'd invite you to pour yourself an icy glass and grab me one, too, since I'm not too mobile these days.  Settle into a comfy chair and put your pretty little pedicured feet up.  We've got so much to talk about!

But first things first.

Friday, June 3rd, is National Doughnut Day.  Click here to find your freebies.

And this first week of June overflows with family milestones ... my daughters, parents, and in-laws all married within seven days of each other.  Fortunately, not in the same year.  πŸ˜‰

We're stepping into summertime and the weeks ahead will unleash peak season here on the Cape ... gorgeous water views, bumper to bumper traffic, spacious ocean beaches, jam-packed restaurants, endless miles of sandy lanes, galleries, bike trails, and shops to explore.  And long lines everywhere. 

You'll find us on the back porch ... or sneaking out at odd hours, hoping to avoid the madness.  Before we know it, autumn will be here and it'll be far too quiet once again.


-   Oh!  These adorable jarcuteries ... grab these cute little jars and get creative.  Your guests will be highly impressed ... and you'll just smile because it was so simple and fun to pull off.

-   I forwarded this priceless piece to my two oldest granddaughters.  Where was this brilliant weaver of wisdom 49 years ago?!

-   When you've got a sprained ankle, you end up chair-bound with far too much time on your hands.  Always late to the party, I'm finally learning how to take a selfie.  Why, I have no idea.  It's not a good shot and I'm looking a bit green around the gills.  The subject is, after all, almost 67, and not wearing a shred of make-up.  But at least I updated my bio even if the picture is far from perfect.  I'll try again another day.

  Kate Bowler's Joyfully Mediocre Summer Blessing Series is a free mid-week goodie.  A true breath of fresh air breezes right to your inbox.

  It's the beginning of the month and that means a fresh load of E-Book Deals for you to scroll through.  I'm amazed at the hidden gems that keep popping up from our favorite authors ... and re-discovering favorite titles we've talked about along the way. 

Click here to scroll through the deals.  πŸŽ― = the newest listed titles.

Many of the book listings have a Send a Free Sample button which gives you a peek inside.  Collect a bunch on your phone or reader and you can enjoy browsing next time you've got 10 minutes to kill.  No need to buy a thing.

And yes, thank you very much, if you shop on Amazon after arriving via links on my website, I may make a small financial profit at no extra cost to you.  Thanks so much for supporting my work!

-   Check out Debby Hudson's Celebrating Summer Art Prompts!  She writes, 'Creativity is my retreat. It’s my release and my self-care. This summer, I’m inviting you to join me. I’ve created a list of prompts for you to show your creative side. The only rule is to use the prompt to spur your creativity. Photography (smart phones welcome!), writing, painting, drawing, stitching, cooking…..unleash your creativity.  Share your art on Instagram (please tag me @debby.mch), post on my Facebook page, or on your blog.'

I'm up for a bit of a therapeutic, creative stretch.  Lord willing, I'll be sharing my Summer Art here on PORCH this month.  Thanks, Debby!

John Baker - $2.99

Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend - $3.99

The Remains of the Day (one of my favorite movies)
Kazuo Ishiguro - $2.99

Write Better: A Lifelong Editor on Craft, Art, & Spirituality  (Christianity Today 2020 Book of the Year Award, Culture and the Arts)
Andrew Le Peau - $2.99

Henri Nouwen - $2.99


I close with one of my favorite verses.  
May it speak to your heart, too.