I Sent This Note To My People This Week

If you're going through a season of grief or loss, please don't assume that people will know what you need.  Most of us don't have a crystal ball and we err on the side of doing nothing because we're not sure what to say ... or assume that you probably need space.  

Be clear as to what will work for you.  And you'll find that most people will be eager to come alongside and help you carry your load.

We were created to do life in the company of others.  Even if we have nothing to offer in return except a tearful 'thanks.' 

A few days ago, I sent the note below to several ministry groups I'm a part of.  The variety of warm and lovely responses I've received have re-filled my rapidly emptying cup and reminded me again of Christ's steady, strengthening presence in the midst of weakness and sorrow.  To say I'm grateful would be a huge understatement.

God speaks through the lovingkindness of His people.  And we all get blessed in the process.

Dear Friends ~

Mom continues on her long trip Homeward.  The ups and downs of her decline have really thrown me ... this month after month process has been like a rollercoaster ride in slow motion.  I am emotionally shot even while spiritually at peace.  
I would so appreciate your prayers for our family.  And to hear from you would mean so much to me as we sit with her day in and out.  It is isolating and stressful ... and honestly, I have nothing to offer in return. 
Thanks for letting me be honest with you about what I need in this fragile, unsettling time.  I am grateful for that kind of community we have built together.
Bless you ~

* photo by dear friend Debby Hudson on Unsplash