Porch #27 * The Light

Well here we are, back together again dear kindred spirit friends, making our way through this Advent season, one week at a time!  

I'm grateful to do life with you, especially during these uncertain, bittersweet days when so many are suffering.  Fearful.  Lonely.  Grieving.  Warmly empathetic, gently nurturing communities defined by kindness and encouragement matter more than ever, whether in person or online.  

Maybe you've found that here?  That continues to be my hope, my prayer, my purpose.

And if you're a first time reader, Porch is my fledgling weekend newsletter filled with hand selected snapshots and links, resources and random goodies, topped off with personal conversations with readers just like you.  


When Jesus spoke again to the people,
 He said, 'I am the light of the world.
  Whoever follows Me 
will never walk in darkness,
 but will have the light of life.'
- John 8:12 -

This is the loveliest ode to December's winsome treasures.

Be sure to scroll down to ooh & ahh over the vintage Santa mugs.

The song, the video - breath of heaven, hold me together, lighten my darkness.  

I am the Light of the world!  Many people celebrate Advent season by illuminating their homes with candles and decorated trees.  This is a way of symbolizing my coming into the world - eternal Light breaking through the darkness and opening up the way to heaven.  Nothing can reverse this glorious plan of salvation.  All who trust Me as Savior are adopted into My royal family forever!

Bless you as we continue to journey toward the manger ~

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