On the Porch #25 * 4 Somethings

Welcome back, my friends!

It looks like we've survived all the turkey, stuffing, and pie that's been passed our way.  Perhaps a joyfully chaotic gathering or two, maybe far too much highway traffic to contend with, or an overdose of mind-numbing happy activity.

Meanwhile there are people among us who've received some rather unsettling news since last we met.

Come with me to a quiet place.  Shut the door oh-so-softly.  Go ahead and curl up in that comfy chair in the corner.  Shhh ... perhaps no one will even notice you've stepped away.

It's time for a little 4 Somethings review with an unplanned emphasis on choosing to live an intentional lifestyle.  Two family snapshots remind me how quickly time flies.  A life-altering quote serves as a wake up call.  A handful of links invite you to live this holiday season {and into 2021} with a bit more intentionality and purpose.

And yes, a book list awaits your attention simply because we can't get enough of those around here.




10 Exceptional Books To Calm + Heal + Inspire

CT's Holiday Guide for Book Lovers

5 Great Resources for Raising Grateful Kids

ECPA Christian Book Award Finalists

The terrible gift of a terrible illness is that it has, in fact, taught me to live in the moment.  Nothing but this day matters ... when I look closely at my life, I realize that I'm not just learning to seize the day.  In my finite life, the mundane has begun to sparkle.  

The things I love - the things I should love - become clearer, brighter.  Burdened by the past, preoccupied by the present, or worried about the future, I had failed to appreciate the inestimable gift of a single minute.
No Cure for Being Human: (And Other Truths I Need to Hear)
- Kate Bowler

Christmas cards?  
Three to-the-point questions are worth considering.  Especially #2.

Check out these eight smart tips ... #4 and #5 hit home for me. 

17 degrees out? 
How 'bout this?

People pleaser? 
Showing up for yourself might be a better choice.

Let's talk about living with intentionality and purpose.  What would that look like for you in the next month?  In 2022?  What would you need to release ... or increase?  

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