4 Serendipitous Somethings

Happy, happy April!

There's something quite serendipitous when two favorite monthly blog link-ups align one right after another ... and their themes join forces happily hand-in-hand.  I'm delighted to be dropping in at Lisa's {One Word} and Heather's {4 Somethings} with this one post.  I'll be visiting Jeanne and Richella, too.

I feel so efficient {definition: capable of producing desired results with little or no waste of time or materials}!

April's been all about family, face-to-face with plenty of hugs, kisses, and 'I love you's.'  Endless activity, laughter, heart-to-heart talks.  Ice cream, puzzles, hearty breakfasts, worshiping together.  Late nights, outdoor strolls, homemade cookies, learning the serendipity of watercoloring.  

If you've yearned for months and months to spend time with your loved ones, you know exactly what I'm talking about.  

To be fully vaccinated and jump in the car and just go feels like freedom.  To do life with our girls and their families has been a dream come true.  To be able to visit my mom in the care facility as often as I wish is a true blessing.  And celebrating our 45th in Amish country was just plain fun, a much longed for change of pace.

Just too serendipitous for words.

I feel reborn, renewed, rejuvenated.  I've never loved April more than I do this year.


'The sense of how little I could control left me simply to relax into the care of God.  This is not like me.  Only when things got so far beyond what I could even pretend to manage did I remember I was not in charge of my life or the lives of others.'
- Catherine Marshall

This is a favorite hymn of my mom's that I often sing to her on the phone and now in person.  Some days she sings along, other days she just listens quietly to my off-key warbling {probably longing for the song to be over}.

How Can I Be Lonely? 
'One is walking with me over life’s uneven way, Constantly supporting me each moment of the day; How can I be lonely when such fellowship is mine, With my blessed Lord divine!

How can I be lonely When I’ve Jesus only To be my companion and unfailing guide; Why should I be weary, Or my path seem dreary, When He’s walking by my side.'
Haldor Lillenas, 1885 - 1959

Planting a miniature vegetable garden.  Church outside under the tents.  Friends coming to call.  Learning how to paint and distress furniture. Leisurely naps on the porch.  Meeting with women to talk about moving forward in the midst of anxiety.  Boarding a tiny plane to take in a bird's eye view of the Cape.  Working on my Mental Health Coach certification.  Ferreting out a not-too-crowded place to savor an evening ice cream.

And yes, still wearing the ever-present mask.

Loving April ~

P.S.  As I put the finishing touches on this piece, we found that COVID has hit our family yet again.  Please pray for mild symptoms, the trials of quarantining, and that it wouldn't spread throughout the household.  Thank you.

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