Early Springtime Serendipity @ Home

Brrr ... 

Bone-chilling cold and howling winds kick up whenever they please.  Frost-bit windows are par for the course each daybreak.  I move my computer fireside so I can soak up its warmth while I take care of business.  Homemade soup bubbles in the pot.  Toasty slipper socks are daily gear and we've lost track of how many cups of something steamy we sip throughout the day.

Welcome to very early springtime on the Cape.

What does it look like to cultivate a childlike delight in noticing, naming, and celebrating God's winsome creativity in our daily rhythms at home ... those simple gifts that offer us a sense of place, comfort, and grace?

Our Abba Father delights in giving good gifts to His children.  I believe He desires that our homes become havens of peace-filled rest and joy-fueled welcome.  We are compelled by an expectant faith to keep our senses open for the simplest pleasures He has for us to savor ... and share with others.

A few cozy old quilts, a pretty little plate of chocolate treats to welcome a friend, hot quiches straight from the oven.   

Beautifully worn vintage spoons, an early morning quiet time, nested eggs residing on the mantle, and paper napkins that speak truth.  

A vividly bright bouquet springing from a lovely white basket, {my husband's around here somewhere}, and comfy mismatched flannels and fuzzies as we Zoom.

And grace appears for the millionth time as I realize I completely forgot about unpacking groceries because I was so intent in pulling this post together ...

'When we believe things don't have to be perfect to be beautiful, the pressure is off.  Embracing imperfections and being content with where we are is a great first step to creating the homes we've always wanted so we can use them the way we've always dreamed.'
Myquillyn Smith



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