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Last time I looked, the temperature on the porch was maybe in the mid-thirties.  Needless to say, I'm not sitting out there with my feet up mid-February.  But tradition has it that around here, any little weekend offering is called On the Porch.

Anyway ... there's so much super writing and beneficial reading going on these days.  Is it the frigid cold?  The yearning to create?  The need to relax and chill out?

I don't know, but here's a whole slew of links for you to browse through this weekend.  From soup to nuts, I'm guessing you'll find something that will float your boat.  Or warm your heart.  Or give you cause for pause.

I do believe I could do with a mug of hot chocolate while I curl up and enjoy.  Extra whipped cream on that, please!  You too?

How to Live in the Face of Fear: Lessons From a Cancer Survivor

Kate Bowler

'Why forcing yourself to stay positive is not always best, the human longing to love and be loved and why living in constant fear makes it important to have two different routines: one for the day and one for the night.'

Hope and Expectation

Linda Hoye

'Two things.  That’s all I have to do. Love God and love people.  And, yeah, neither of these is particularly easy all the time, but they are my better work ...'

3 Ways to Maximize Your Written Words: They're Doing the Heavy Lifting

Lisa Burgess

'The less we interact face-to-face, the more our written communications have to do the heavy lifting.'

Being Single on Valentine's Day

Lynn Simpson

''There is absolutely nothing wrong with you.  Your marital status does not determine your worth ...'

Truth or Trash

Nancy Ruegg

'Attend a graduation ceremony, participate in a work-related seminar, or just join in a break room conversation, and you might hear one of these statements ...'

Do You Want More Prayer in Your Life?

Rebecca Hastings

'When we realize we can release the pressure to arrive, we learn there is great freedom in being in process ...'

January 2021 Christian Book Picks

Sarah Geringer

'This is a great group of books for spiritual growth.'

Depression, Denial, And The Therapists's Couch

Katie Blackburn

'Once there are no words that your husband cannot say to you, no feeling that he cannot confess, the level of intimacy and trust feels so much deeper ...'

Here's how I finally got myself to start exercising

Christine Carter, Ph.D

'All you need is to be willing to be wildly unambitious — to settle for doing something that’s just a smidge better than nothing ...'

Amid Covid deaths, schools aren't prepared to support students through grief and trauma

Sarah John

'In a nationwide survey of school social workers last summer, more than 3 in 4 reported most students at their schools needed serious mental health support ...'

Survival strategies for winter, my least favorite season

Anne Bogel

'I desperately miss sunshine and warmth during these months.  But winter does have its charms, and I’m doing my best to embrace them.'

3 Spiritual Phrases Christian Leaders Should Stop Saying

Carey Nieuwhof

'Maybe you’ve fallen for a leadership cop-out too—dodging the real issue by putting a spiritual mask over it.  Can it be that something that sounds so spiritual can actually stop some very spiritual work?'

Bloggers - Please share a link to your own cream-of-the-crop mid-winter writing! 

Up next?  DOZENS of books.  Yes, DOZENS!


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