A Cozy Kitchen Christmas Album


How fun to share a random selection of kitchen-y holiday snapshots with you, dear friends and followers and family!

If you're like me, you might be starting to bustle 'round the kitchen just a bit more in these next weeks.

Or not. 

A bit of a disclaimer here.  I'm no gourmet chef or fancy baker.  I'd eat out multiple times a week if we could.  But the holidays do bring about a fair amount of food prep ... chopping, stirring, rolling, tasting, and baking.  

Even if it's not our year to host the gang.  Like this year with Christmas plans still nebulous and uncertain.  

Anyway ... I love the holidays when my girls {and their girls} bustle happily around our little kitchen.  They're incredibly at ease as they multi-task their way through lengthy food-prep for anywhere from 12 to 22 hungry mouths that beg to be fed well.  Whipping up all kinds of delicious dishes, they're creative and energetic which enables me to indulge in what I do best.

Make myself comfy in the corner chair in the living room, quilt in hand, enjoying a mug of mulled cider.  Rejoicing in the happy chaos.  And waiting for the dinner bell to ring.

a simple morning breakfast, 
pine-scented candle, &
a meaningful devotional book

 one of 5 sweet granddaughters 
cracks many eggs for a 
delicious holiday brunch

my favorite gingerbread friends
happily hold court in front 
of an old canister bin

a waffle bar is always a big hit 
with fruits & meat 
& sweets on top

I wonder what the names of the 
women are who faithfully used
 these beautiful bowls 

my mom's surprise meringues
have often been my 
signature holiday bake 

well-used & newer
 kitchenware have always 
mingled well around here

a big pan of luscious shortbread
straight from the oven
 makes me smile

if you're going to whip up one 
bacon spinach quiche, 
you might as well whip up two

a ton of melon on 
my grandpa's cutting board
 will be gobbled up soon enough 

everyone pools their baking skills 
a huge glass platter 
gets re-loaded often

  these little warm & cozy 
kitchen napkins
say it all 

I wield a vintage bread knife 
to chop up gooey 

hands down, 
housemade stuffing
is the tastiest part of any meal

indulging in a hot cup of tea 
& a reflective book
creates a soothing evening routine

just looking at 
this holiday bounty
makes my mouth water

a gingerbread man ornament 
& blue spatula make 
the gift of cookies extra special

these old spoons & 
Christmas towels 
work hard while an 
ancestor's oak cabinet rests still

after the crowd is gone, 
we put up our feet &
polish off the last lone goodies

What's happening 'round your kitchen this month?

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