Christmastide Beckons * The Snapshots

'This is just enough for me,' my mom declared, looking around with satisfaction.

Two fragrant pine wreaths with pink velvet bows, a couple of festive round tablecloths, a lovely miniature poinsettia, a two foot gold metal tree with gleaming ornaments ... and my favorite 86-year-old was done decorating her home for the holidays. 


Mom's expression of simple gratitude has stayed with me as I've been puttering in our own home in recent days.  The tree awaits the grandchildren's exuberant arrival and creative decorating expertise.  Here and there I've arranged little vignettes with cherished objects and sweet images that make me smile.

A year and a half after moving here, I still can't find my collection of antique celluloid Santa snowglobes and a bunch of other stuff that I thought came with us.  But that's ok.  

Mom said it well.  

There's nothing over the top or elaborate happening in this neck of the woods as we prepare to celebrate Jesus' birthday.  This is just enough for me ... for us, for our family.  

All is calm, all is bright.

May you overflow with comfort and joy
 as you prepare to celebrate our Savior's birth.





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