Saturday, October 31, 2020

On the Porch * Frosty Fall Edition

Good weekend to you!

It's been a few months since we've gathered on the porch, our cozy weekend space where we put our feet up and share favorite links and odds and ends of recent days.

Think open house + small group + your BFF + book club + your therapist + TGIF all coming together to join forces!

You never know who or what's going to show up.  I like that.

This is the place for all my fabulous blogging friends to link up your finest post of the past week ... I want to offer every opportunity to get the word out about your amazing-ness.  

And if you're reading this via email, simply click on the title to join the dialogue ... or quietly enjoy what other readers are sharing.

Today?  9 links worth pursuing.  'Specially curated just for you!

A Family Divided

Loralu James

'I have already voted~and I have no intention of saying who I voted for. I respect your right to vote your conscience and I hope you respect mine ...'

The Day I Had a Panic Attack at Cosco

Bonnie Gray

'I am a college-educated, grown mom of two boys. Yet, I hid behind the store shelves. I started having trouble breathing. I was dizzy and nauseous, choking and unable to take full breaths ...'

What to do With Worry

Jennie Denney

'You know what? I think I came to the point today where I said, "You know what? Screw it. I'm worried, so God, I need your help with this."'

I Could Never Get Grandma's Thanksgiving Dressing Quite Right - Until After She Was Gone

Jasmine Guillory

'Those were the years when Thanksgiving felt like a race, and one I had to win—to make all the food, to make it my way ...'

When Will the Children Visit?  Not Until There's a Vaccine

Amy Harmon

'Every time I miss them, I think of how lousy they were at one stage of their growing up ...'

Purpose and Pruning

Rachel Hunka

'We don’t have only one specific purpose in the form of an occupation or ministry calling for our lives; rather, we also have varying purposes for each new season of life ...'

This Isn't the Season

Melissa Schlies

'This is not the season to feel guilty about your jeans not fitting ...'

How to Craft a Vision Others Will Want to Follow

Lindsey Beckworth

'What if you are not communicating as clearly as you think you are?'

Loose Ends * 7 Autumn Reflections

Linda Stoll

'And it just seems wrong that two sisters only get 30 minutes together with their mom every Thursday afternoon, with one hug a piece.  Generously applying hand sanitizer before and after the hug, faces turned away from each other.  No kisses ...'

Now, it's your turn to share your best writing or your favorite reads ... I can't wait to see what you have in store for our little community!

Bless your weekend.


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  1. Of my writing, there's no 'best';
    it all could be improved,
    and if I face some kind of test,
    my brain, well, it gets fused.
    I write the stuff that's in my head,
    'bout dogs and guns and art,
    and prospect that I'll soon be dead,
    which really breaks my heart,
    but not for me, oh, no, no fear;
    it's God that gets concern,
    for in a Heaven He hols dear
    He soon is gonna learn
    that when in life I’d wreck a pub,
    I was, in truth, just warming up.

    1. Hey, pal ... I find it fascinating that you've morphed into a poet in this 'valley' season. I never asked you how and what made your creativity start flowing in this direction ... do tell!

    2. Linda, honestly, it started as a joke, posting a comment to a literary agency blog post as a poem. Then I did it again, and people seemed to get a laugh, so I figured everyone needs a 'trademark', right? Poetic comments became mine.

      I chose the Shakespearean sonnet because the form's relatively familiar to most people, and has a structured rhyme scheme (ABAB CDCD EFEF GG) that even those who don't really like poetry can follow, and hopefully enjoy.

      It's also a challenge that keeps my mind sharp and focused, to have to write and on-topic (according to the blog post on which I'm commenting...nearly all are written as comments) sonnet quickly enough so that it remains 'current', and blog readers might see it.

      I've been doing this since the beginning of 2019; there about 3900 sonnets so far. I suspect it's some kind of record, at least in terms of a measurement of madness.

    3. Um ... well .... Shakespearean sonnet form, structured rhyme scheme. I'm impressed with this bit of education I'm receiving this afternoon.

      3900? Talk about impressive / measurement of madness!

      You never fail to surprise, man.


  2. Hi, Linda! I just finished reading a wonderful book by Lauraine Snelling entitles "The Promise of Dawn." Highly recommended! I thank the Lord for good books, especially during these crazy times.
    Have a blessed weekend!

    1. For the first time in years, my to-read pile is rather small, so I appreciate you passing on this book, Martha.

      I've read far fewer books than last year so far. I hear I'm not the only one.

  3. love round up articles like this one, Linda. Thank you for enriching my day.

    1. Oh I'm so glad, Jean! I love sharing this kind of stuff ...

  4. I'm not sure how to do this, but I hope it is okay to share my latest blog post link? It is called, "Seven Things to Think About in these Troubled Times," and the link is:
    I hope it will be a blessing to someone's heart. Sending hugs to you today!

    1. It sure is absolutely ok to share your link ... and I am so grateful you did, Cheryl. It's a treasure trove of truth, comfort, Scripture, music.

      Bless you as you continue to minister to us all, friend!

  5. Loved the Mort and Marla article. Mort is very funny as he comments on not seeing his children until there is a vaccine but I also liked his description of relationships with grandchildren, “ I really don’t get along with children until they grasp two concepts, fear and bribery.” What a hoot!

    This is the one area I struggle with this pandemic, not seeing Kory. It is unreasonable cause he works from home and can easily isolate for a week before he heads this way. Not sure of his hesitation and I don’t know if he would get the vaccine if offered—-flu vaccine is not real successful.

    Just read The Color of Water by James McBride. What a family story that is and the love of a mother and child is priceless...loved it

    Your struggle with not being there more often with your mom was touching a memory. If it were my mom, she wouldn’t take it and may have caused many more distress. Glad mom is eating and resting better. Give her a social distanced wave for me.

    1. I loved Mort, too! He reminded me of my Dad in the best of ways. Just too funny!

      Yes, this separation from our kids is hard stuff. Right now we can't go see either of our girls ... so many plans postponed and put off. So disappointing. And I'm concerned if I travel, I might not be able to see my mom ... and the way things look in Massachusetts, those visits might close down soon anyway.

      I can't even go there.

      I will tell her you were asking for her.

      And thanks for the the McBride book, friend. You've never led me wrong!

      Miss you much ...

  6. I am sorry you haven't been able to see your family, Linda. Family relationships are a priority and cultivating them a big part of our lives. When a purpose of ours seemed to have been ripped away from our grasp, we are left wandering and wondering. I've been studying Ecclesiastes which is helping to let go and trust in these times. Thank you for all the links to explore!

    1. Good morning, Lynn! You've been talking about Ecclesiastes in recent days and I'm receiving this as an invitation to go there myself.

      Thank you for your influence in my life!

      Sabbath blessings to you, friend ...

  7. I am just so glad you are back in circulation once again!

    1. Thanks, Michele! It's good to be out and about again.

      Sometimes you just know when to unplug ... and when it's time to jump back on in.

  8. I enjoyed reading some of the links. Sad about the folks not seeing their kids til a vaccine comes out. I am so praying God will make this virus ebb away soon. In my end-of-month post, I shared what I have been reading, watching, and blogging about: And, not to be presumptuous by sharing another link, this one came after that post and lists some stabilizing truths with which to face tomorrow's election: Have a great week!

    1. Barbara, hi! And you are not at all presumptuous! I'm grateful that you've shared your links here with us. And all I can say about your thoughts on the election is 'AMEN!'

      Bless you ...

  9. You always find the most thought-provoking links, Linda. I especially appreciated "Purpose and Pruning" ... I'm always in the mood for a good gardening metaphor, but then when you add in a Venn diagram to help me discover my purpose (which I also seem to be reconsidering), it gets even better! Hugs, dear friend.

    1. Oh I'm glad you found something of value here, Lois. It sounds like so many of us are trying to figure out how to live our our calling, to reconfigure our purpose in the midst of and because of this season we're making our way through.

      Who does God want us to be in the days ahead? How can we best serve Him ... and others?

      And yes, I loved that diagram, too ...