On Wearing Our Political Hats

I ran into a neighbor at the store a few weeks ago.  She's a believer and we spent a few pleasant minutes chatting back and forth.

And then she began to rail against rioters and reparation and other sensitive subjects and vehemently pronounced those who support them as the enemy.

Something in me clenched and tightened.

And then the Spirit invited me to say these words ...

'We've got to remember that the real enemy is the enemy of our souls, not those we may not agree with.  He's having a field day dividing us one against the other.'

She halfheartedly agreed and quickly moved on down the aisle to the check-out line.  I'm not sure if she knew what I was trying to say, but I think she might have had a glimmer.

In this volatile political season, may we, as believers in Jesus Christ:

*  Identify ourselves by allegiance to our Lord and King and not by whatever political party best represents our personal values

*  Appreciate and respect the reality that brothers and sisters in Christ may have heart-felt political beliefs that our different than our own

*  Educate ourselves, read widely, listen with discernment and empathy to those on both sides of the aisle

*  Allow the Holy Spirit to develop our biblical world view and direct our political participation

*  Love each other deeply in the process  

'Your love for one another will prove to the world 

that you are my disciples'

John 13:35 {NLT}


My lovely friend Lisa has written a stellar post today, Stop the Name Calling.  I am so pleased to share it with you because, yet again, this wise woman has hit the nail on the head and spoken solid truth for such a time as this.

Please head right on over ... and tell her Linda sent you.

Dear friends, may we be defined by our beautiful Savior, not our political leanings  ~


P.S.  Respectful comments only please.


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