On the Porch * Fall Decorating ~ Are You Kidding Me?

We were hanging out on the porch for awhile last night, listening to whatever was buzzing and chirping in the woods just a few feet away, the steady whir of weekend traffic in the distance as the sun made its lazy departure in the west while the summer folk poured onto the Lower Cape.

All was calm, our feet up, our eyes half closed as we reviewed the week coming to a close and started mapping out the week ahead.

I mentioned to my husband that there were FALL decorating posts coming out and I couldn't believe it!  Because summer has been so wonky and strange, it seems like the season of shorts and flip flops and ice cream runs has just begun instead of beginning to head out the door.

Tell me I'm not the only one.

Truth be told, I have absolutely no interest in fall's arrival with all the churn about school logistics that most certainly affects our families in a myriad of serious ways.  Not a week goes by without some sort of mandate or guideline change, assuring us again that much remains unknown and uncertain. 

And wasn't summer was such a long time coming after an endless brutal winter and a non-existent spring?  I'm still pulling together the vintage brick edging around the random gardens.  Making iced tea by the gallon.  The air conditioner churns away more days than not.  And I haven't pulled on a pair of jeans in months.

But as I glanced at the posts in question, there was something about the warmth and homey-ness of inviting images and vignettes that caught my eye and captured my nesting heart.  

Just a little bit.

Best Ideas for Fall Decorating

The Ponds Farmhouse

Transitioning to Fall Decor

Midcounty Journal

Three Questions to Ask Every August

Myquillyn 'The Nester' Smith

Are you dreaming of autumn's glories?  Or are you content right where you find yourself?  

Meanwhile, bless your weekend, bless your family, bless your home sweet home ~


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