Loose Ends * Let's Chill Edition

Dearest Friends & Faithful Readers ~

I've been spotting some silver linings recently.

And some outright miracles.  Even in the midst of loss.  Adjustment.  Apprehension.  Uncertainty.

How 'bout you?

Without sticking our heads in the sand, more of us are purposefully choosing to chill.  We're refusing to give in to defeat or linger too long over worse case scenarios.  We're turning away from divisive political rhetoric, instead choosing to sharpen our identity as grace-filled Christ-followers.

We're rediscovering the need to listen well.  We're drawing a line in the sand as we decide what's worth standing up for ... even while letting go of our cast-in-stone mindset and constant focus on the latest news feed.

We've experienced what stress does to our bodies and souls and we're saying, 'no more.'

We're sending up 'more than we can ask or imagine' prayers and praising God while we await His responses.  

In the process, we're finding His grace in the most unexpected places.  We've become the awe-struck recipients of the generous kindness of others ... even while we're learning to embrace the art of sacrificial giving.

And more of us have had no choice but to finally launch into the common sense journey toward simplifying our lives and our spaces.  Cheryl Smith's memoir / guidebook Biblical Minimalism opened that door to a hefty, life-altering conversation, didn't it.  Click here to check out that post.

Because of the monumental health and lifestyle shifts we've been forced to encounter, we're realizing how little we actually control.  

Instead many of us are heading back toward a more substantial faith.  We're embracing each in-person connection we're gifted with.  We're figuring out what a back to the basics lifestyle looks like, we're cultivating our own fledgling creativity.  And we're making our way outside to tend our gardens or walk our neighborhoods, meeting and greeting the dog walkers, the joggers, the bikers, and the stroll-ers.

When the oppressive humidity doesn't overwhelm.

The simplest pleasures we used to take for granted are now sheer gold.

And while I've been wondering this year if these just might be the last days, it's clear that God's not done yet.  He hasn't changed a bit, and He is not shocked or taken off guard by what's coming around the next corner.

Therein lies peace.

He's already penned the end of the story.

Debby Hudson



Melissa Schlies

Barbara Cutting



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Stay cool.  Be generous.  Pray lots.  Eat ice cream.



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