Wednesday, December 11, 2019

5 Fabulous Books for Christmas Gift Giving

Hey, Weary Christmas Shopper ~

This month's Bookbag is short and sweet ... and hopefully helpful!

I'm guessing you still have a few more goodies to buy so I'm happily sharing some significant volumes that would make the most superb gifts for your people.  I didn't pull these titles out of a hat ... I've either given or received each of these little masterpieces along the way and they truly are some of my all-time favorites.

And 4 of the 5 have been featured as our Book Club choices here on the blog.

Click on the title to check out the book's overview.  There's also a link to my own review.  And yes, as an Amazon Associate I earn from your qualifying purchases when you click on these links, thank you very much!  Prices were accurate when posted.

Hint  Why not hit the print button on this post and circle a few of these titles and leave in a conspicuous place for your very own Dear Santa list!  

The Listening Life:
Embracing Attentiveness in a World of Distraction
Adam McHugh
Paperback - $11.89
  My review 

I'd Rather Be Reading:
The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life
Anne Bogel
Hardcover - $8.50
  My review

The Next Right Thing:
A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions
Emily Freeman
Hardcover - $13.69
  My review

Introduction to Solitude and Silence:
Experiencing God's Transforming Presence
Ruth Haley Barton
Hardcover - $14.99
  My review 

Dear Jesus:
Seeking His Light in Your Life
Sarah Young
Hardcover - $12.19
  My review

Please do share your best bookish recommendations {or throw in your two cents about mine} ...

Happy shopping!

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  1. I recommend reading Martha Jane Orlando - an accomplished author who has published A Trip, a Tryst and a Terror, Children in the Garden, The Moment of Truth, Revenge!, Redemption, and Revelation, all available on Amazon. She also writes a Christian Blog which has proved invaluable to many over the years dispensing Christian reflections and prayers. I really recommend it.


    God bless.

    1. Hey Victor ... you and Martha have showed us all what blogging is all about this week as you've championed each other's work.

      In the process, you've reminded us that blogging works best when it is a continuous ministry of encouragement to others, not a platform for self-promotion.

      Well done, ol' chap ...

  2. Just one suggestion Linda: If I had a skeptic in my family or on my list who loved to read I would get them Confronting Christianity by Rebecca McLaughlin. This is my choice for 2019 Book of the Year. If I had someone who loved Jesus but was struggling with the church's hypocrisy, I would suggest Why I Still Believe by MaryJo Sharp. If I had someone who was struggling with abuse I would recommend What's a Girl Worth by Rachel Denhollander or Not Forsaken by Jennifer Greenberg. If I had someone dealing with SSA I would recommend A Change of Affection by Beckett Cook. Not holiday reading for sure but they are all worth reading.

    1. Bill, I so appreciate that you've taken the time to link up the needs of people with exactly the right encouraging volume for them.

      So very thoughtful. So like the caring pastor you are.

      I was too lazy to do the same.

      So very grateful to do community with you.

  3. I just bought The Listening Life for myself last week with birthday money. I'm so excited to add it to my stack to read in 2020! I'm just now getting around to Introverts in the Church. So good! Too many books, too little time. :) I need to look over the list of books I read in 2019 and pick out my favorites soon too. Thanks, Linda.

    1. Oh yes, Introverts in the Church is a huge favorite, too ... it was an awakening, an invitation to be myself and not try to remake myself into someone who might be more acceptable or appropriate!

      It's for freedom Christ has set us free!

      I can't wait to read your book reviews, friend. Thanks for all the good reads you've shared this past year ...

  4. Linda, I'm re-gifting my copy of "I'd Rather Be Reading" to my daughter, who absolutely has her nose in a book when she's not up to her eyeballs taking care of her girls. And thank you, thank you, Victor, for mentioning my books once again! Here's my website for any folks who may wish to order them:
    Happy reading!

    1. Oh I love that you're re-gifting this, Martha! What a terrific mama you are!

      And I'm going to encourage my readers to head over to your place and meet you and see your fine work.

      * smile *

  5. Linda, thank you for the gift ideas for those on our list who enjoy reading. Wishing you a most joyous Christmas season!

  6. I am so behind on my reading! Fiction has been more the choice for my reading in 2019. I liked reading all the commenters recommendations. Now I have a list for 2020! For gifting, I still recommend the classics like Little Women and Great Expectations if your reader does not have these on their book shelf!

    1. There's a reason that books are called classic, isn't there, Lynn! They've stood the test of time, weathered all the trends, and still hold a substantial place in hearts and minds.

      I think it's time for another re-reading of Little Women. I'm looking forward to the release of the movie in a few weeks!

  7. I have read some of these and certainly agree with your selection. Great gift ideas! Have a blessed Christmas, Linda!!

    1. Thanks, Jean!

      Advent comfort and joy to you ...

  8. I have got "I'd Rather Be Reading" for two family members - thanks for introducing me to it! A fiction book I'd recommend is "The Giver Of Stars" by Jojo Moyes - it's the story of a group of women who were horseback librarians in Kentucky and although the story is fictional the setting is based on real life.

    1. Thanks for the thumbs up on 'The Giver of Stars,' Lesley ... it's sitting in my library queue, 'frozen' for now 'til I make time for it. It sounds like a fascinating read.

      I love that you bought Anne's book for Christmas gifts ... it was my go to gift last Christmas.


  9. I loved The Listening Life and should probably reread it now as a new mom!

    1. Oh my, yes, Elle! I wish this masterpiece had been around about 35+ years ago.