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'Decades had passed and I was three thousand miles away, but I felt like I had been lifted up and whisked back to that time and place, back to the scenario of walking into the library with my mother.  

Nothing had changed - there was the same soft tsk-tsk-tsk of pencil on paper, and the muffled murmuring from patrons at the tables in the center of the room, and the creak and groan of book carts, and the occasional papery clunk of a book dropped on a desk.'
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- Barbara Bradley Hagerty -

Life Reimagined: The Science, Art, and Opportunity of Midlife
Barbara Bradley Hagerty
Don't let the title throw you.  This is in no way a scientific tome, but a lovely exploration of the opportunities that midlife opens to all from 40 - 65.  I was delighted to see that I still fit the category.

If you like Brene Brown, you'll like Barbara Hagerty, that compelling combination of astute researcher and delightful storyteller.  Expect to toss that whole mid-life crisis mindset to the wind, and be challenged to live with purpose, challenge your brain to work smarter, and invest fresh energy into your relationships even as you're open to reinventing your professional work.

Two quotes I've tucked in my pocket ...
'Your thinking, your approach to triumphs and defeats, joys and pain and losses, the stuff no one escapes - that calibrates one's happiness.'

'How will I use these glorious days remaining to me?'
Kindle - $11.99
Paperback - $10.87

The Library Book
Susan Orlean
A book for all true library aficionados.  From the author's own personal investigation of the disastrous 1986 L.A. Public Library fire, to the joys of books, the life of librarians, the quirkiness of those who hang out in these beloved public buildings, the behind the scenes ins and outs of the magical world of books that have captured the essence of who we are ... this is a must read for your book club.

If the library's long been your best, safest friend ... if you crave the scent, the touch, the heft of a much-borrowed book in your hands, this one's for you, friend.
Kindle - $14.99
Hardcover - $17.98

Taste and See: Discovering God among Butchers, Bakers, & Fresh Food Makers
Margaret Feinberg
Margaret's approach to life and God's Word and all things culinary is refreshing, winsome, a breath of fresh air.  If you're a foodie, you'll find her book will nurture something deep in your soul.  Meanwhile, pack your bag and go exploring olive orchards, Texas butchers, and descend 410 feet into a salt mine.  Along the way you'll discover the delights of fish and figs and bread, some fun new recipes ... and the depths of God's Word for today's day and culture.

Here's a great little interview with Margaret on the secret spirituality of food.

This book would be a delightful boost to a waning devotional time ... and there's even a DVD series for small groups that would spark interest in the connection between God's Word and the delicious creation He's given us to enjoy.
Kindle - $7.99
Paperback - $11.55
6 Session DVD & Leader Guide {video notes, group discussion questions, personal study & reflection materials} - $24.87

Inheritance: A Memoir of Genealogy, Paternity, and Love 
Dani Shapiro
You will not put this down.  Promise.  Author Shapiro grabs hold of readers and takes us on a whirlwind exploration into the world of secrets, paternity, the destruction and reimagination of her entire heritage and how she views her identity.  Along the way, she leads the reader through the murkiness of DNA testing, artificial insemination, medical ethics and the rapid development of technology.

A gripping, fascinating read for your book club, sure to spark some important dialogue.
Kindle - $3.99!!
Hardcover - $16.48

The Minimalist Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to a Decluttered, Refocused Life 
Joshua Becker
Joshua's a low-pressure, guilt-free, minimalist guide, taking the reader through one project, one room at a time, step by step, inviting you to a simpler, less stress lifestyle.  I do love this book because I've seen the impact of minimizing possessions in my own life and home ... the endless collectibles, the boring tchotchkes, the clothes you never reach for, the junk that seems to multiply overnight.

Truth is you do end up feeling freer and lighter and less encumbered and stressed out.  Absolutely.

Unexpected bonuses of this book include a minimalism maintenance guide, a discussion on downsizing your home, and living a more purposeful life once our possessions aren't running the show.

'Sometimes we think we're honoring our departed loved ones by keeping their stuff, but let's ask ourselves if they would want us to be burdened by their belongings. Doubtful.  The best way to honor those who loved us is to live our best life possible, not to be weighted down by their things.'

Enough said.
Kindle - $11.99
Hardcover - $13.51

Dear Jesus: Seeking His Light in Your Life
Sarah Young
I've been a huge Jesus Calling fan for years ... personally, in my own devotional times, but also for use at the end of counseling sessions.  Sarah's soothing words point directly to the Lover of our souls and have a beautifully calming, recalibrating effect on anxious hearts.

I love this newer volume, Dear Jesus, even more!  The aqua and gold colors are soothing to the eye, and the author inserts complete Scripture verses into each of the 120 daily dialogues with Jesus, not just the reference, which makes it perfect for spending 5 minutes quietly meditating on specific Scripture verses after you read the day's offering.

I'm guessing this is my third go round on this, my favorite devotional of all time ... and I've used dozens of books along the way.  This little gem is just the right size to fit in your bag or keep on your guest room nightstand.  A super graduation or birthday gift.

And look at the Kindle price.  Yes, please!
Kindle - $5.99!!
Hardcover - $14.48


Sharalee Armitage Howard

Anne Bogel

Self-Development Secrets

A bookstore owner was in the hospital.
So his competitors came and kept his shop open.
Allison Klein

Miracles and Other Reasonable Things: 
A Story of Unlearning and Relearning God
Sarah Bessey

The Next Right Thing: 
A Simple, Soulful Practice for Making Life Decisions
Check out Emily's cool pre-order bonus
Emily P. Freeman

Glorious Weakness: Discovering God In All We Lack
Alia Joy

The Last Year of the War
Susan Meissner

The book is riveting ... the videos, stunning ... and the conversations around our virtual table have been heartfelt, sometimes quite 'fervent,' and deeply thought-provoking.  It's not too late to join the party ... grab your Kindle edition and join right on in.  

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