Finding God In the Midst of Crazytown

Last week, I proclaimed loudly that for sanity's sake, I'm doing everything I can to take life slow ... we don't have to make our way through these upcoming weeks like we're ricocheting through crazytown.  We can, indeed, choose slow.

And then I promptly launched headlong into a week that was anything but. 

The time change impacted me like it would a two year old, periods of sadness collided with moments of elation, we enjoyed a bunch of gatherings with friends, decisions vied for my attention.  I celebrated clients' victories and a daughter's new job and my husband's 65th birthday, I was processing news that knocked me sideways, and we were out more evenings than we were in.

The days offered little solitude or silence or time just to be.

By last night, I didn't know if I was coming or going.

There is a need to recognize, respect, and honor the place that God has allowed us to be in right now.

We're not in the season we emerged from last year or reveled in a decade ago.  The here and now presents its own unique blend of deep mystery and unforeseen miracles, ever-present griefs and prayerful expectations.

We do well to recognize the impact of all the drama that whirls around us, leaving our souls breathless, our minds numb, our bodies spent.

How do we walk through these days ordained for us in ways that are pleasing to Christ ... and yet honor the truth that this is who we are right now?


Last night I crawled into bed with my journal and a good long talk with the Lord.  Five pages later of purple ink outpourings, the air cleared and I experienced that sacred re-calibration that comes when we offer ourselves to His loving kindness and invite Him to whisper peaceful direction to our overwrought souls.

He is the calm we're seeking.  In His presence is fullness of joy and clarity for our ricocheting thoughts and spent emotions and overloaded schedules.

He is our peace right in the midst of crazytown.  Go forth, friends ~


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