I'd Rather Be Reading * Session #4

Greetings yet again, my Book Club buddies!

This past week's discussion?  Our lifelong love affair with libraries.  The conversation made my heart smile.  As children, we walked through a garden gate or hopped on our bikes, often with a dear friend in tow, heading toward our 'oasis in the desert,' a favorite summer destination ... whether in an air conditioned building or in a bookmobile that rolled into the local IGA parking lot once a week.

And then a few of you whispered that one of your pleasures is to seek out libraries as you travel, setting your GPS to sites unknown whether in the country or in the middle of the city ... and even aiming to visit libraries around the world.


Check out our cozy chat here.

Lovely, kindred spirits we all are.

By the way, I don't know about you, but I do believe that Anne Bogel's I'd Rather Be Reading is just about the best gift ever for when you go visiting and want to leave a little something for your hostess.  It's a thoughtful present for Christmas, teachers, grab-bags, birthdays, get-wells, and a must have to add to your stash of last minute gifts.  {You do have one of those, don't you?!}

It was my go-to signature gift last Christmas.  

You can pick up a bunch for the outrageously fabulous price of $6.73 each {at the time of posting}.  It's a steal, friends ... just think, you can take care of a whole lot of Christmas shopping in one fell swoop {whatever that means.}  And yes, as an Amazon Associate I earn from your qualifying purchases when you click on these links, thank you very much!


'It's a truism that early reading shapes the reader you become.  We look back wistfully at the readers as were as children, and at the books we read on our parents' knees, the ones we read under the covers with our flashlights, the ones we giggled over with friends.  Then there were the books we read in school, from kindergarten to high school and maybe beyond, under the guidance of other readers who hopefully illuminated the meaning of what we read.'
- Chapter 14, page 96

'When I find myself in a dreaded reading slump, nothing boosts me out of it faster than revisiting an old favorite.  Old books, like old friends, are good for the soul.  But they're not just comfort reads.  No, a good book is exciting to return to, because even though I've been there before, the landscape is always changing.  I notice something new each time I read a great book'.
- Chapter 17, page 119

Let's talk about your flashlight books ... and the volumes that have brought you comfort and consolation in the years since ...


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