Thursday, September 19, 2019

#MyCozyFallHome * texture


i can't resist the crunch of pods
& seeds & cones
& leaves

all russety orange & brown
red & sage

a bountiful overflowing in this white
enamelware bowl with a big ol' metal scoop
at the ready



  1. There is a texture to this place
    beyond that of the desert sand;
    a quality of unexpected grace
    from an undiscovered land.
    It is by turns soft and hard,
    smooth, fine-grained, and coarse.
    It's flawless, and then badly scarred,
    thus at times its own obverse.
    It is the zephyr's soft caress,
    and then the blinding storm,
    which teaches that the jumbled mess
    is a holy kind of norm.
    Sometimes opaque, and sometimes clear,
    it's the texture of heaven, living here.

    1. You've painted a compelling picture with your words this afternoon, Andrew ... I love that 'quality of an unexpected grace from an undiscovered land' line.