Saturday, September 21, 2019

#MyCozyFallHome * on my table


oh i've got a thing about
blue pumpkins

too bad they can't be found 
around here

trust me, 
i've searched high and low

i scooped this fake baby up 
at TJ Maxx

seeing her hog the spotlight
makes dining a treat



  1. Love your blue pumpkin! I've got a fake white, gold, silver and cheetah pumpkin that I'm hoping to do something with this fall.

    1. A cheetah, huh? That's a first!

      Have fun decorating ...

  2. This house contains no dining table,
    it's living in the rafters now,
    in order that we might be able
    to fulfill a wedding vow.
    We swore to take in canine souls,
    not turning even one away;
    sleeping crates and feeding bowls
    meant that the table could not stay.
    This guys occupy the seating places
    so we take our meals upon the floor;
    small price for life so full of graces,
    and how could we ask for more?
    So come right in, sit right down,
    and lean back against that big ol' hound.

    1. Well, you and Barbara take the HOSPITALITY award. For sure, Andrew. Every sleeping crate and feeding bowl you walk around or trip over is a sign of love and loyalty.

      May we all be as lavish with our open doors ... and downright practical in our vows to each other.

  3. I have never, ever heard of a blue pumpkin, Linda. Thanks for introducing us to yours!

    1. The ones I've spotted along the way are usually squatty and a bit wonky in their shape and kinda ugly. All shades of deepest blue.


      I'm such a fan ...


  4. Hi Linda,

    Loving your cozy series! Did you find all that sea glass? Wow! Just taking down bits of
    summer here too - including my jar of sand and se glass! We did find a blue-ash green
    pumpkin around here last year. It was big and beautiful - I was told it was a
    “Cinderella” pumpkin. I ;loved it. Wouldn’t you know I can’t remember where we
    found it?

    Sending love.

    1. A Cinderella pumpkin.

      Now that just makes me smile.


      I hope you find her sister or her cousin this year.

      Send a picture if you do, ok?!