Thursday, September 5, 2019

Eavesdropping on the Porch

Most weekends we're gathering right here on this virtual porch.

I make room on the couch for you, we pull up a few more chairs.  You bring your mug of coffee and I share tidbits that have hit home during the week, maybe answer your questions or offer some quick reads.  I do love these cozy visits with you.

Especially when you keep the conversation going with your hard won savviness and wisdom.  Your quirky humor and your honest commentary.  Your godly perspective.  Your best and finest post of the week.  A poem.  Whatever. 

I'm you're new around these parts, click here to experience exactly what I'm talking about.  And be sure to head to the comment section on each post because that's where the good stuff is.


I don't usually have the TV during the day.  But I sure am glad I stumbled onto this conversation online this week.  You might find, like Maria Shriver did, that 'I wasn't done with grief and grief wasn't done with me.'  And that 'bringing your narrative up to date' might be a worthy, much needed choice right about now.

There's much to take note of in this exceptional 7 minute clip, friends.  

And then let's talk about what might need some 're-wiring' in your life.

And are there some tender areas in your inner world that you need to stop beating yourself up over?

Are you ready to release yet one more long-cherished heartache to the Lord?

I'm ready to listen.
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  1. I love the way you worded your question, Linda: "Are you ready to release yet one more long-cherished heartache to the Lord?" What a wonderful concept. I am sure I have at least one I could let go of! Here is my favorite post this week. Thanks for the opportunity to chat on your porch.

    1. I'm guessing we've all got at least one cherished pain and grief that we're weary of carrying for far too long.

      Thanks for letting me know that this isn't an unusual challenge, Laurie.

      Weekend blessings to you, to yours ...

  2. To everything there is a season,
    and we do not get a say
    in its length or in the reason
    why God set things up that way.
    Sometime we must embrace the grief
    and don't look there with aversion;
    though sorrow may seem a thief,
    it may really be a surgeon.
    Losing what we cherished most,
    like the God who gave His only Son,
    can free us from the heathen boast
    that we control what is to come.
    And that which has vanished in the night
    we'll find again, in His Sight.

    1. 'though sorrow may seem a thief,
      it may really be a surgeon'


      Oh, that's powerful, Andrew. No truer words were spoken ... even though they're not easy to hear.

  3. Thank you so much for your sweet offer to us to share our thoughts here, Linda! I have a couple of posts to share because they go together. I hope that's okay! Here they are: and

    1. 2 posts is good. Absolutely!

      Bring 'em on, friend ...

      And have a restful weekend.

  4. Love spending time on your porch, Linda! Here's the link to my latest blog post - praying it makes others smile.

    1. This is a good weekend for posts that bring a smile!

      Thanks for sharing, Martha ...

  5. Interesting conversation with Hoda and Maria. I like when Maria talks about not telling yourself all the negative things about yourself, but some of your positive characteristics instead. It is always easier to be critical of ourselves.

    1. You're so right, whoever you are!

      We are often our own harshest taskmasters, aren't we. It's hard to love others well when we aren't able to show grace towards ourselves.

      Matthew 22:39 says it best - 'Love your neighbor as yourself.'

  6. I always enjoy these conversations on your porch, Linda, and thanks for sharing this clip! I like the quote, 'I wasn't done with grief and grief wasn't done with me.' I think that can be true for lots of us whether it's a person or a situation we're grieving. We think we're over it and then something stirs it all up again. It's important to recognise that's normal!
    This is my Five Minute Friday post today about why all of our stories matter:

    1. Thanks for reminding us, Lesley, that grief waxes and wanes, that a sight / sound / scent / story years later can kick it back into gear.

      We are in good company, we give each other grace and hope that tomorrow will be brighter.

      Yet, even in the midst, we're not defined by our sorrows, we are defined by our Savior.

      I'm so grateful ...

  7. I'll be watching that video clip soon as grief has been a near constant companion for me...I'm not sure it ever leaves but I am sure it isn't always about the sadness. Thanks, Linda. You always offer the best.

    1. I'd love to hear your take on it, Debby, after you watch it. I found it to be a very powerful conversation.

      Maria lost 4 family members and her marriage in the span of a decade. She knows whereof she speaks ...

  8. Such an amazing topic to mull over here on your porch, my friend. I feel like I've grieved my father my entire life. He's still alive but hasn't been a part of my world for many years. I've felt God pulling me to release this to Him as I've grieved long enough.

    Of course there are many other things I didn't grieve long enough and they always seem to catch up with me at some time or another. It's a tough thing trying to figure out how long it will take when we try to use the thoughts in our head over the feeling in our hearts. My heart is a much better indicator of when I'm ready to move on.

    Much love to you, Linda. Thanks for this important discussion.

    1. Oh to be estranged from a loved one who still is alive is an excruciating thing to live with. This is a sorrow that doesn't easily depart and seems to creep in at the most inopportune moments, on every holiday, every anniversary, every family gathering. We are held hostage by their memory and the what-ifs.

      There is always the hope that maybe someday there'll be some kind of admission of responsibility or reconciliation or forgiveness or a meeting of the minds or letting bygones be bygones. And when that doesn't happen it seems like you'll never completely heal.

      But God ... the One who gives a peace that makes absolutely no sense.

  9. Linda porch time with you is always refreshing! I will watch the segment you shared. Have a lovely weekend.

  10. I appreciate Maria’s comments about grief, Linda. I’m pretty new at this, but it seems like it’s so different for each person, a journey that just needs to be lived out as we go. That’s a bit hard to wrap my logical mind around, so I’m grateful for a space like this where we can share (and not feel the need to compare) our experiences. Hugs, friend.

    1. Sharing. Not comparing. Absolutely. This is a gift of grace we give each other. Open hearts, listening ears. No judgement, no advice.

      I'm so glad to know that this is helpful to you, friend ... you've blessed me with your words this evening.

      I hope it's been a good weekend for you and yours.

  11. You've given me a lot to think about today.