Eavesdropping on the Porch

Most weekends we're gathering right here on this virtual porch.

I make room on the couch for you, we pull up a few more chairs.  You bring your mug of coffee and I share tidbits that have hit home during the week, maybe answer your questions or offer some quick reads.  I do love these cozy visits with you.

Especially when you keep the conversation going with your hard won savviness and wisdom.  Your quirky humor and your honest commentary.  Your godly perspective.  Your best and finest post of the week.  A poem.  Whatever. 

I'm you're new around these parts, click here to experience exactly what I'm talking about.  And be sure to head to the comment section on each post because that's where the good stuff is.


I don't usually have the TV during the day.  But I sure am glad I stumbled onto this conversation online this week.  You might find, like Maria Shriver did, that 'I wasn't done with grief and grief wasn't done with me.'  And that 'bringing your narrative up to date' might be a worthy, much needed choice right about now.

There's much to take note of in this exceptional 7 minute clip, friends.  

And then let's talk about what might need some 're-wiring' in your life.

And are there some tender areas in your inner world that you need to stop beating yourself up over?

Are you ready to release yet one more long-cherished heartache to the Lord?

I'm ready to listen.
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