Holy Hands

'Ultimately, all are commissioned.  All are called.  All belong to the holy order of God's beloved.  The hands that pass the peace can pass a meal to the man on the street.  The hands that cup together to receive Christ in the bread will extend to receive Christ in the immigrant, the refugee, the lonely, or the sick.

Hands plant, and uproot, and cook, and caress.  They repair, and rewire, and change diapers, and dress wounds.  Hands tickle gigging children and wipe away tears.  Hands rub heaving bellies of big, ugly dogs.  Hands sanctify all sorts of ordinary things and make them holy.

Through touch, God gave us the power to injure or to heal, to wage war or to wash feet.  Let us not forget the gravity of that.  Let us not forget the call.'
Rachel Held Evans 
{1981 - 2019}

Weekend blessings as you tenderly touch and faithfully serve ~

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