63 Love Notes

63 is looming.  

It's right around the corner.  

To keep myself from throwing a pity party at my astonishment of the speedily unfolding aging process, I can't think of anything more therapeutic than sharing 63 things I love with you.


We tend to throw the L word around fairly loosely.  Obviously, our love for Christ is far superior than our love for the passing fancies of the day.  But I think you hear my heart.  

I've combed the achieves and come up with 63 very random quotes from the past five years on the blog ... bits and pieces of gratitude, observations, and affection that come to you completely out of context.

Happy birthday.


1.  Don't you love how God's sacred touch is evidenced as we connect at levels that are deeper than surface chit-chat?  

2.  I love when God steps in to redeem a season that others would be quick to write off, don't you?

3.  I love these little end-of-the-month reviews ... call them whatever you like ... what we've learned or what we're into or what's saving our lives

4.  I've always loved being a bit of a matchmaker, a relationship builder 

5.  I love grabbing the snippers and bringing an armload of nature's treasures indoors

6.  I love when God orchestrates our reading lists

7.  I love a good year end review, don't you?

8.  I'd love if you'd grab a cup of coffee and settle in with me for a quiet time of reflection

9.  I love a good page-turner while my feet are tucked into the sand and the sun shines bright

10.  I do love a rainy day at home

11.  I do love me some Greek yogurt with blueberries or homemade jam and some slivered almonds swirled in

12.  Yep, I love reading

13.  I love what I do

14 I love you, Daddy ... I guess I just wanted you to know that your legacy is alive and well

15.  Love you guys!

16.  And I don't want to hand you the links and simply walk away, but instead would love chat back and forth with you after you've read something that catches your eye

17.   I love the skylights, the vintage painted furniture, those little quilts on the wall, and the ancient post  office cubby filled with little tchochkes that sits atop a three-drawer dresser 

18.  I've always loved Chutes and Ladders

19.  I just love what God has nurtured and grown

20.  I'd love to glean from all your blogging tidbits, wisdom, and secrets

21.  I just love the women our daughters have become

22.  I do love shopping from home in my robe and slippers

23.  I'd love to hear what you've done to navigate through difficult holidays

24.  I've always loved my birthdays 

25.  Don't you just love that we can be our authentic selves with our Heavenly Father?

26.  Because when she speaks I always listen ... Don't you just love those people in your life?

27.  I love doing life with you ... even from afar

28.  Don't you just love the word 'free'? 

29.  I just love what God is doing in the lives of these valiant women  

30.  I love all things lush and green

31.  I usually love writing end-of-the-month newsletters where we chat together about all kinds of fun and interesting happenings  

32.  I'd love to tell you that all these challenges have been tied up and taken care of ... some have been clearly resolved, others are still a work in progress 

33.  If I'm not loving what I'm reading after 50 pages, if it's not holding my attention or capturing my heart, I'm done

34.  The more in love we are with God, the quicker we'll be able to discern when the Spirit is clearly putting His powerful finger on specific sins in our lives

35.  Love that this series is speaking into your life

36.  We have work we love that is meaningful and productive

37.  I do love a big mug of tea early morning and some mulled cider with a cinnamon stick on some afternoons 

38.  I love making soup

39.  I've embraced what life looks like in the here and now in this sometimes desolate but always beautiful place ... Can I tell you I love it?

40.  I love sharing an experience rather than buying alot of stuff that no one really wants or that doesn't fit or breaks in ten minutes

41.  I love doing community with you and I value our ongoing dialogue, whether substantial or light

42.  How cool to all say at the same time, 'Ohhh, I LOVE this song!'

43.  I love that Jesus specializes in inviting us to come to Him as we truly are

44.  Don’t you love how God repeatedly opens His arms wide, offering us a gracious welcome home? 

45.  Love, love, love BOUNDARIES, these Christian psychologists, and their selection of Boundaries books that were authored following this game-changer

46.  I love serving THE Editor-in-Chief this way   

47.  I'd love to sit together and spend a bit of time with you right about now

48.  I especially love when something special jumps out of the achieves, takes on new life, and gets a bit of a re-birth as it makes its appearance 

49.  I love the supportive community that grows one post, one comment at a time, and the connection that knits one kindred spirit to another who truly gets who you are and what you're trying to say  

50.  We've got a bit of a love / hate relationship going on with this online world we inhabit

51.  I love Grisham's wry sense of humor, crisp writing, and oft' quirky characters

52. I love the change of seasons

53.  Learn the art of speaking the truth, in love, with respect

54.  I love the whole idea of marriage as teamwork

55.  And if you love one those link-ups, you might want to step it up a notch by creating a mission statement so that you know why you're investing time there and what the benefits are

56.  For $2.99, I love this crisp, clear plastic sheet that lines the toile curtain

57.   I do love my vintage ornaments, handed down from my grandma and assorted relatives ... and gleefully gathered from random shops and flea markets over the decades

58.   I love that for every 'no, thanks!' you speak, you get to say, 'yes, please!' to another invitation, option, opportunity, or focus

59.  I feel Your smile on my labors of love whether they are deeply personal or aimed toward ministry

60.  And for those of us who love Christ, we do, in essence, write for the most gracious audience of One

61.  I've got to tell you that I'm more in love with Jesus than ever

62.  I'm loving lots of white space with plenty of margin and one fabulous photo for a header or as a posts' centerpiece and images in gentle, calming watercolor shades

63.  I love doing community with you


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