On Being Unraveled . . . and Re-Knit Together

It was another time, another place, a bittersweet 24 hours that spun slowly out of control.

A messy meltdown, a toxic stew, really.  Irritation at uncontrollable circumstances boiled over as a torrent of ranting and raving nudged all common sense to the side.  Up on my imaginary soapbox I jumped with a long litany of deep disappointments loudly acknowledged and proclaimed with no holds barred.

I railed on endlessly, my husband a captive audience to all my bottled up frustrations overflowing unhindered.  He was seemingly stunned into silence.  And me?  Well, let's just say that this long time pastoral counselor, astonished at the intensity of her unbridled emotions, was ...

{Click right here to finish reading today's saga over at my Scottish friend Lesley's place as she celebrates 31 Days Of Kintsugi.}



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