Outdoor Bouquets + The Giveaway Winner

That whole 'lazy days of summer' anthem can turn out to be one great big disappointing myth.

If we're not careful to consider an occasional 'no, thanks' to the myriad of opportunities and invitations that descend, these long anticipated months get jam packed with far more than we intended.  And then autumn will roll on in and we'll wonder how those precious weeks vanished without a trace.

When you're done running hither and yon ... or if a rainy day holds you hostage inside the four walls, I've gathered yet another bouquet, two handfuls of online links that caught my eye in recent days.  Feel free to bookmark, to share, to tuck away for a time when you have a few minutes to spare.  I'm guessing there's 1 or 2 here that might hit home for you.

And if nothing catches your fancy?  Well ... maybe next go 'round.

Anne @ Modern Mrs. Darcy

Barbara @ one hopeful year

Jane Burnett

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And the winner of Nichole Nordemann's


Pam Ecrement
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