Just Plain Fun * May Edition

Be joyful always ... 
in everything give thanks.
- 1 Thessalonians 5:16 & 18 -

Today's offering?  Nothing terribly profound, particularly noteworthy, or earth shattering.  Yet how very good it is to rejoice in the dailyness of those simple grace moments that bring a smile, a tug of gratitude.

Like these 4 ...

The Star
'Let's get a picture of our toes!,' I enthused, corralling my blue-hoofed family members together.

'Let's put our heels together and make a star with our feet!,' the littlest one joyfully shouted back.

And we did.

The Leggings
One of my favorite springtime activities is to sort through my odd assortment of accumulated clothes, pulling aside the tired, the frayed, the stained, the baggy and saggy, the unattactive, the way-past-their-prime.  Items that are still presentable get donated, the rest trashed.

This year's project was to pull together a new collection of pants / capris / shorts / leggings in 3 basic colors  - gray, black, denim.  So no matter what top I choose to wear, I can mix and match without too much thought.

* sigh *

This is where the fun stops and the frustration begins.  Finding pants that fit well and feel great is not a task for the faint of heart.  It's always a daunting challenge.  Know what I mean?

My favorite purchase when all was said and done?  These fit-absolutely-perfect comfy leggings to wear under big shirts, long flowy jackets, cozy sweatshirts, my one lone dress.  Wonderful tucked into winter boots and easy with favorite summer sandals.


The Blooms
Stubbornly sprouting up through the driveway gravel and valiantly emerging from the sandy dirt, lily of the valley makes its everlasting presence known year after year, more often than not in the oddest places.

I hear my grandmother carried a bouquet of these not-so-fragile beauties for her wedding way back in the day.  No wonder I love gathering these fragrant blossoms.

The Selfies
I'm a sucker for fabulous chocolate, bunches of flowers, a sweet little something tucked into a pretty gift bag.  But I can't think of a better gift to receive than unexpected pictures of your favorite people having a good time somewhere.

Let's compare notes and share your favorite just-plain-fun moments ...


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