A Smattering of Springtime Snapshots . . . and Introducing The Nest

Raw, rainy weather can't keep us New Englanders down.

Listen to me talking like I've lived here forever.  It's only our 2nd springtime in this little town tucked between the ever-changing bay and the ocean deep.

And even though multi-shaded daffodils and purple azaleas have slowly but surely burst into a very welcome bloom mode, the ocean's frigid temperatures have kept us reaching for our sweatshirts, cradling hot cups of tea, and enfolding ourselves in flannel sheets at night.

A fine mist seems to have permanently draped itself like a fragile veil over the ferns settled atop old milk cans outside the kitchen door, the square tin of pansies perched on a little table, and perennial herbs that stubbornly emerge from dormant earth.

And then wonder of wonders, defying the ever gloomy weather report, heavy low clouds scoot off to sea, the sun pops out of nowhere, and brilliant blue paints the skies.

Throwing open our windows wide and grabbing my flip flops and a book, I head outside to welcome the long yearned for warmth and beauty with open arms, a sigh of relief, and a smile.

*   *   *

The Snapshots

*   *   *

The Nest 
The peaceful, light-filled room nestled in the treetops over the garage is finally complete.  Insulated, painted, heated, and filled with old familiar furniture, it's proving to be a comfy location to curl up with a book or indulge in an uninterrupted afternoon snooze.  

We picture it as the go-to locale for a breather from a houseful of energetic company ... or the place to indulge in rowdy late night board games while the rest of the family sleeps in heavenly peace over at the house.  

But, most especially, this cozy little nest has been designed to be a haven of serenity and healing, a quiet retreat where I counsel women one day a week.

If my former Creekside office and NY family room got together and had a baby, this is what it would look like ... 

-  before  -

-  after  -

My husband crafted this fabulous wall of shelves.  My favorite books and collectibles were relieved to emerge from cardboard boxes, coming out of hiding after 2 years.  It was like welcoming old friends back home. 

-  built, painted, installed  -

-  filled to overflowing  -

I love the skylights, the vintage painted furniture, those little quilts on the wall, and the ancient post office cubby filled with little tchochkes that sits atop a three-drawer dresser.  Cozy quilts and extra pillows stack in my chippy pink childhood doll crib.  I couldn't be more delighted ... or grateful.

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