When Our Stats Become a Lurking Danger . . . and a Bit of a Talkfest

We can say we don't care all that much about our social media stats ... but honestly?  Deep inside we do.  

And while we wrestle against them being the be-all-&-end-all, numbers do allow us to take the temperature of our social media presence.  They clue us into what lights up our unique community.  They inform us, by the world's standards, if we're effectively touching others.

But the truth is that we'll never know 'til we reach heaven how many souls our lives have impacted.  And by then it won't matter, because we'll be so enthralled in worshiping Jesus Christ.


I do get a daily read of how readers many click onto LindaStoll.net, but I have no idea how many subscribers I have, all you who read these posts via email.  Those stats might be out there somewhere, but I have no idea how to access them.

And perhaps, that's just as well.  Those numbers could prove to be quite a depressing reality ... or could swell my ego in a most unpleasant way.  I'm not interested in either option.

Because all the numerous numbers in our lives {what the scale proclaims, the bills in our wallets, the great heaps of possessions, those pesky online stats} don't define us.  We're defined by our Savior!

It's only when we begin to let those numbers call the shots in our lives that we find ourselves in deep and troubled waters.  Because they will never never ever be enough.  And we'll end up constantly comparing ourselves with others and always feel like we're missing the boat.

Like we're less than.

What a lie from the enemy.


It's a year since this little online home sprang to life, and I'm happy to share the five posts that have kicked off the biggest conversations.  No, these diologues aren't necessarily the posts with the most hits, and yes, a couple were connected with a giveaway.  But I think they're definitely worth another go 'round ... especially for you who are new to these parts.

Because these posts feature YOU!  You guys are such fine conversationalists!

Simply click on each title to read and enjoy!

Meanwhile, we're head off for our annual trip to Camp in NY's Adirondack Mountains with 22 extended family members {gulp!}.  And because I truly believe that to be cloistered in my room blogging would be a cryin' shame, I'll start writing again when I roll back into town.


May 23

Hey welcome!

We've been having a blast around here this month, sharing our living spaces, our challenges and brainstorms, our visions for what our dwellings are just begging to become ...


November 4

Sarah Bessey describes herself as mum of 4 tinies and a writer, speaker, and recovering know-it-all.  When a post bearing her name comes up in my reader, I'm there.  She's that thought-provoking, challenging, inspiring.  I'm a fan.

And though our theology might differ here and there, it matters not.  Because yes, there's room for non-essential differences in the Body of Christ ... but only if ...


January 4

As we've been busy pinning up our crisp new wall calendars and filling our uncreased datebooks with those all important birthdays and appointments, many bloggers have been sharing their plans and dreams for the new year.  I've eagerly been savoring your posts and have been inspired, intrigued, and occasionally fascinated by your carefully selected One Word, your resolutions and goals, all that God's calling you to do, to be, to accomplish in these 365 days ahead.

Truly.  But no ...

April 1

Ouch.  That stings!

I don't know where I first heard this question ... or if it sprang into living color in my own imagination.  All I can say is that it keeps on hitting home for me {big time} whenever I'm courageous enough to honestly gaze into my own mirror and allow God to gently poke and prod so that He can reveal the true state of ...


March 28

Potential pitfalls in any relationship are countless and plentiful, aren't they.

Too often, these sometimes ghastly occurrences emerge as no big surprise.  Truth be told, long ago we glimpsed the writing on the wall, but we were somehow unready, unwilling, or unable to wisely deal with attitudes or behaviors {our own or our spouse's} that ranged from mildly irritating to downright abusive ...