This Friend is Serving Up a Bountiful Feast

Sharing fascinating people, superb books, cool websites, and helpful info is one of blogging's greatest joys, especially when it sparks any kind of compelling dialogue.  If something's worked for me, I can't help believing that it just might ring a bell for you, too.

And when I hear that's happening, it confirms why blogging's become an essential part of who I am and what I do as a counselor, a coach ... and a woman who knows she's 'no longer young but not yet old.'

So ... I'm not all that surprised that If You Read Only One Book This Summer ... This Is It, featuring Adam McHugh's The Listening Life, is this year's 2nd most popular post 'round these parts.

{#1?  April's Dear Church ~ Heartfelt Notes from Single Women.}

You're telling me you're grabbing hold of this treasure ... and those who are reading it are singing its praises.

It's that excellent.

So ... when my friend Pam Ecrement emailed me on Sunday night and mentioned that she was going to do a bit of a series on the major themes and concepts of the book because she loved it so much, I didn't hesitate a half second before asking if I could bring you all over to her place.

Sight unseen.

Pam's a wise and perceptive woman who weaves together powerful life lessons and vibrant faith, providing her readers with a unique cause for pause.  There's no way you can skim through what this former marriage and family therapist / church leader dishes out.  For there's always a bountiful feast that invites you to linger, to savor, to absorb.

To grow deeper in love with Christ.

I'm just plain delighted to take you over to her place for the first post in her series on The Listening Life.  And she's sent me a sneak peek at her titles ... I can promise you that she will not disappoint.

Let's go there right now!