Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Potpourri . . . and the Giveaway Winner

Here's a little helping of gentle sustenance if you need a bit of a breather from the hubub and festivities and a very overcrowded kitchen ...

In praise of  ~ Sarah Bessey
A glorious down-to-earth proof that an outpouring of gratitude for daily joys isn't just for the month of November ...

How An Introvert Does Thanksgiving ~ Sophia Dembling 
Oh yeah ... I liked this.  Alot ...

But What Do You Want to Be Thanked For? ~ Joshua Becker
Because it's never too early to begin to figure out what you want your legacy to be ...


And my husband thought this was just too funny ...


The winner of a copy of 

is ...

be sure to check out her inspirational contributions to 

I'm grateful for you, dear reader ... 
yes, you.
This little online community has proven 
 to be one of this year's most substantial blessings.


God's strengthened my heart as you cheered me on
through the stressful upheaval and crazed transition
from New York to Massachusetts.

You came along for the ride when I had to leave everyone else behind.

And your continued prayers and steady encouragements
 as I grieve the loss of my dad and little Tyler
 gently assure that I am not alone in my sorrow.  

Please know that I'll always remember that you
 hung with me through the ups and downs.

Thanksgiving's sweetest joys to you, to yours ~

'Therefore encourage one another
 and build each other up,
 just as in fact you are doing ...
 Be joyful always; pray continually;
 give thanks in all circumstances
 for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.'
1 Thessalonians 5:11,16-18


  1. That video! Thanks for the wonderfully hearty laugh this morning, my friend. Congrats to Ceil! It made me smile to see her beautiful face here. Continued prayers for you and your precious family, Linda. Much love and many blessing to you all this Thanksgiving week.

    1. Every time I watch it I crack up one more time, Candace! Thankfully, my bird is being a bit more cooperative than that slippery fellow. He's roasting even as we speak and will get sliced and bathed in broth to be heated up tomorrow.

      And yep, Ceil is a dear friend to so many. The girl has an INCREDIBLE fan club. And it's no wonder ... what a sweetheart.

      And the same goes for you, girl. Have a delightful celebration with your family. I love what God continues to do for you all ...

  2. Thank you for being you! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

    BTW-There is no place I would rather be than hanging out here with you! Your words wrap around me with love each time I visit. Love you friend!

    1. Wow, Mary. Thanks for letting me know that you feel the love, girl. What a Thanksgiving gift you've given me, wrapped up in just a few sweet lines.

      Have a wonderful holiday, filled with the delights of dear family and yummy food ...

  3. I'm thankful for the blessing and privilege of your friendship, Linda.

    1. And I'm so grateful for how you are showing us the courageous truth of what it looks like to live well, even when the end seems awful close.

      May there be some pockets of peace and rest for you in these days when the last thing you feel like doing is celebrating.

      Praying ...

  4. Hi Linda! BAAAAA!!! I WON SOMETHING!!!! I can't wait to get this book and start working on my comparison issues. Believe me, this couldn't have gone to anyone more needy of it!

    I'll email you my address, and thank you for posting my picture (gave me a start at first, not gonna lie!) and the Chicken Soup info too. You have always been a wonderful cheerleader for me. I will be thanking God for you tomorrow, and praying for you too as I always do.

    I just know that 2016 is going to be a year of wonderful surprises for you. Get ready for the grace!
    Hugs and Excited Bouncing,

    1. 'Get ready for the grace!' Wow ... I appreciate that reminder, Ceil!

      His grace is enough. And so much more ...

      Keep on writing, friend! I can't wait to see what God will continue to do through you in the days ahead.

      Thanksgiving blessings ...

  5. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving, Friend. Praying for you and your family---as you "do this first" celebration of a year of first without your loved ones.

    1. I appreciate those prayers, friend ... thank you, thank you.

      Enjoy your band of cherubs!


  6. It has been a good year Linda and you are a part of mine. Thanks. Praying you and your family celebrate Thanksgiving well.

    1. Your perspective and wisdom has been so welcomed this year, Bill. Blessings as you lead your flock through this holy season ...

  7. Linda, you are an inspiration and encouragement to me, both in how you share so honestly from your own journey AND in how you interact with the kind community you've nurtured here. Many tidings of comfort and joy to you this Christmas season, my friend.

    1. I love this community ... and how thankful I am that you've entered my life this year, Lois! You've brought a grace and wisdom to the table.

      I'm grateful, girl!

      I hope your Thanksgiving celebration was a warm blessing.

  8. Thanking God I have friends like you and Tim!!!! Glad your turkey time was not like the video LLOL and so happy for the memories you are forming in your new home. God is good even when life isn't
    Love and hugs

    1. I so miss you, buddy. As always, you are right on --> 'God is good even when life isn't.'

      He surely has proven His faithfulness this year. Where would we be without Jesus?

  9. I'm going to have to read that post by Sophia, Linda. I'm sure I'd relate to it as well. I used to be an introverted introvert but I believe am more of a extroverted introvert now. It's been the chance to see my more extroverted hubby at work in social situations that taught me how to put others at ease. And I'm so glad that you've felt the support from your bloggy friends during this rough season in your life. I think of you often since I pray for you daily, my friend. It's great to know that our dear Lord is hearing my prayers and encouraging you like only He can!

    1. Dear Beth ... you've been an incredible model of a faithful pray-er. There are few people who could honestly tell me that they lift me up in prayer every day ... and few people that I myself lift up with that kind of purposeful, faithful devotion.

      That you do so is such a grace ... please know that I am eternally thankful for your loving spiritual friendship.

      I'm so appreciative, friend ... so very appreciative.