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'I think our calling is found in discovering where we are uniquely gifted and positioned to reveal God’s character and bring about healing, hope, and restoration in our lives and relationships.  What makes your heart race?  What aspects of God’s kingdom do you long to see more of in this world?  What injustices do you ache to be made right? Your calling is most often embedded in those very places where your heart is naturally drawn toward and broken by.'
Melissa Brownback

Remember On Marshmallows, Mushrooms, and Monotasking?  Well in the seven weeks since I wrote that essay, I've amped up the healthy eating, embraced listing/bunching/batching tasks, and bravely ventured forward in some med tweaks suggested by my doctor.  Without any apologies, I'm claiming extra grace and space for a few days before and after large gatherings, deep conversations, and significant events.  

(Tim and I hosted a potluck supper for our church's Stephen's Ministry team of 20 this past weekend and it was a zero-stress, sheer joy occasion.  I loved every minute - the quiet readying of the house, the gathering itself, the slow process of tidying up.  I felt the calming rhythm of the Spirit's kind presence before, during, and after.)

I'm noticing that on the whole my mind is clearer, although don't be surprised if I ask your name if there's a lot going on in my head or commotion happening around us.  Many have agreed with me on this name thing, with great relief to know they're not the only one.  I do believe that putting difficult subjects on the table ... in writing and empathetic conversation ... serves as a path toward greater clarity, fresh options, and wise choices.  

All glory to the Helper and the Healer of our souls.  Every moment we gently cradle is only by His grace.  Jesus is The Name that never escapes my heart or slips my mind.


Now it's your turn to talk about what's made your September memorable!  How God has surprised you, what He's been whispering.  Is He inviting you to something deeper, more substantial?
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