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Good morning, Linda! This past weekend I took Molly to summer college orientation and visited a dear friend where we used to live in Arkansas. Still processing all the thoughts and feels from all of that! I love your photos ... for me, right now, they feel like a quiet invitation to find ways to lighten my own blogging load this summer. I hope you have a wonderful week, friend.

  1. College orientation. Can you even ...?

    I like how you framed the summer 'blogging load.' It's a loaded phrase, no pun intended. It's interesting to see the wide variety of responses ... drop out, pare down, forge ahead as usual. Or maybe do something completely different in these online spaces we call home.

    It'd be refreshing NOT to do business as usual, wouldn't it ...

  2. *

    So dear blogging friends, what do you really want to do with summer?  Do you feel an inner pressure to keep your tried and true routine going?  Or maybe you've been dreaming up something completely out-of-the-box for your online presence?

  3. Are you craving a break from your posting schedule but fear losing your readers and that hard-won momentum in building community?

  4. Feeling a bit crispy around the edges, at a loss when it comes to producing something fresh or innovative?  

  5. Are you bored with blogging?  Or do you feel God stretching and growing you because of your time online?

  6. And if you're not a blogger but you love FB or Insta or any kind of online social, are you considering any summertime choices, changes, or challenges?

  7. Let's talk.  Because there's no one size that fits all.  Yet it's always good for us to know what we value and how we want to invest our sometimes limited time and energy, especially as we're barreling into a brand new season.  I can't wait to hear what you're considering.

Would you take two minutes and tell me what you'd like to see around here the next few months?  (And what you wouldn't).  I think I know where we're headed but your needs are important to me, ok?  It'd mean a lot to hear your thoughts.  Thanks!
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