3 Exquisite Historical Novels

When 2023 is all said and done, I read my favorite non-fiction books right in a row.   Make these your first three in 2024!  They're that exceptional.

'In The Secret Book of Flora Lea, I wanted to tell a tale in a mystical landscape that echoed with the enchantment of storytelling, a story of sisterly bonds, and first naive love, of innocence lost and maintaining hope against all odds.  I wanted the girls to live in a magical land of both their imagination and of nature ... But most of all I desired to tell a tale that might ring with these words by Mary Oliver: 'Said the river: imagine everything you can imagine, then keep on going.'
With love and imagination,
Patti Callahan Henry (p 349)


'An epic story that spans continents and generations, Homecoming asks what we would do for those we love, how we protect the lies we tell, and what it means to come home.  Above all, it is an intricate and spellbinding novel from one of the finest writers working today.'

A great big doorstop of a book, lose yourself in this perfect summer multi-generational read packed with mystery, mother-daughter dilemmas, hauntingly beautiful landscapes, and surprise twists and turns.


'California, 1938—Seventeen-year-old Rosanne swore to her dying mother she’d reveal to no one that she sees unexplainable flashes of color when she hears sounds. When she not only breaks that vow but in a moment of abandon ends up pregnant, she is sent to a place where so-called inherited “flaws” are not tolerated. 

Vienna, 1947—Helen, who spent the war years as a nanny witnessing the same kind of thinking at its absolute worst, returns home to California and learns what really happened to the girl she long ago befriended at the family vineyard, soon discovering that while the war had been won in Europe, there are still hard battles to be fought at home.'

Not your typical storyline, Susan Meissner's uniquely captivating Only the Beautiful is a riveting and compassionate work set in a disturbing time frame.


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