Porch #88 🌻 In Praise of Sunflowers

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Hello, it's me again.

I pulled this wreath together from the ample grapevines growing wild on my daughter's property.  Literally.  The brown hues glisten silver in the bright sunlight, a warm welcome on her richly red front door. 

And then I gathered a handful of links I think might be well worth your time.  When all was said and done, they all somehow seemed to go together.  I love how God does that.


Vintage Easter Home Tour
Emily @ My Weathered Home
"While I adore the charm of bunnies this season, I also love the idea of showcasing lambs as well.  During the Easter season especially, I am reminded of the verse John 1:29, 'Behold!  The lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world!'  This year I really wanted to create a space that would remind me of this verse."

23 Things to Declutter
Joshua Becker
"I often use the words minimalism and decluttering interchangeably.  They are different of course, but still connected.  Decluttering focuses on removing surface possessions.  Minimalism helps us discover how little we actually need."

A Journey Toward Gratitude
Marsha Crockett
"Gratitude can easily slip away if not intentionally practiced. At times, it is replaced by the temptation toward grumbling in its many forms including whining, judging, regretting, complaining, begrudging, and resenting. My favorite form of ingratitude is offering unsolicited advice to 'make something better.'"

How to Uproot Shame
Beth Broom, LPC-S, CCTP-II
"I call shame the ‘growth-killer.’  More than any other intrusion or feeling, shame hinders (and sometimes completely stops) the ability to process pain, think creatively and believe that change can happen.  When counselees experience shame, we as helpers should support them and show them the truth.  But how can we support without enabling?  How can we share truth without seeming trite and condescending?"

271: A Blessing For Friendship
Emily Freeman "Here’s to you, a friend to someone, and here’s to your someone who is a friend to you."


May you appreciate the possessions you've gathered ... and experience the grace-fueled freedom to bid farewell to stuff that has lost its appeal.  May you discover that cultivating a bounty of gratitude pushes the pull of excess materialism, as well as the detritus of shame, far from your soul.  And may you spend the weekend dreaming up lovely ways to show your friends how priceless they truly are.

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