Who's Your Advent Buddy?

Hey gang, it's Advent.  

Tucked right between the lavishness of the Thanksgiving feast and the sheer madness of Cyber Monday, she has gently eased her sacred way on in, longing to claim her rightful place.  A place of stillness, of waiting, of reflection, of hope.  She doesn't jump up and down yelling 'pick me pick me' but she knows that her time to shine is now.  She wants to point us to Jesus. 

It's all about Jesus.

Not the stress inducing shopping insanity, over-the-top decorating, cookie baking marathons, the endless hours spent writing cards and wrapping presents, the jam-packed calendar, incessant jingle bells, or Santa and his mythical elves and flying reindeer.


Three years ago, a new friend invited me to get together each week of Advent.  And so we began, using Sarah Young's Jesus Calling for Christmas.  The reflective devotional readings, favorite Scripture, and the most exquisite winter photography have guided us into a much-needed gentle, quiet rhythm each year since.  

Through family disasters, illness, covid.  The disappointments, the sorrows.  The hard and the crazy, as well as the joyful stuff.

We curled up with our mulled cider yesterday, caught up on all the family doings, and then settled in.  We talked of what it looks like to live abundant, Christ-centered lives while we're in waiting mode.  Of how God has prepared this season of the year, and our lives, with 'the most tender concern and attention to detail.'  Of our need to pay attention with gratitude to what He's doing instead of continuing to revert to our old default modes.

Being thankful.  Even and especially while we wait.


Advent is not a solitary observance.  We were never created to do life alone.  We were born for relationship, for community.  Is there a friend you'd like to make space for in this sacred season?  To share Scripture and thoughts and prayer?  It can't hurt to ask.  And no, it's not too late.  

This is the kind of presence we're all longing for.  Often we just don't know it.  Or are scared to ask for it because we've been hurt by being vulnerable in the past and who wants to chance that again?

This is a hard time of year to live a solitary life.  I'm guessing that God might be putting someone on your heart who needs a soft place to land, a hot cup of tea, and this kind of spiritual companionship.  And you know you need to cultivate this for yourself, too.  Maybe it's time to re-connect with someone you've been missing.  Go for it.  He is with you as you reach out.  I promise.

A bit of a benediction for all of us thirsty souls:
May God bless us as we continue our faith walk, becoming more and more like His dear son.  May we not be afraid of the presence of another soul, of quiet conversation, or the depth of the vast spiritual treasures He has for us.  May the Spirit guide us into refreshing new rhythms and deeper grace as He continues to whisper, 'this is the way, walk ye in it' {Isaiah 30:21}.


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