Thursday, October 13, 2022

Porch #64 * 'A Holy Curiosity'

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'To listen like Jesus, we need a holy curiosity ... We engage our entire bodies in the act of listening: our eyes are fixed on our friend; we nod our head; we lean forward to show interest; we make appropriate facial expressions in response to what is said.

We ask questions for clarification because we want to learn more about what our friend is thinking or feeling.  We don't interrupt or construct our response while our friend talks ...'
- Christina Fox @ Tabletalk

That whole idea of a 'holy curiosity' fascinates me.  Curiosity has gotten a bad rap along the way.  Think of a nosy neighbor or a busybody intent on minding everyone else's business.

But when we approach listening God's way, our interest in another soul turns into a holy posture.  We aren't curious for curiosity's sake or to savor someone else's true confessions.  We're focused on another's story with the mind of Christ.  With His compassion and concern.  Without our usual agenda of making ourselves and our endless, tiresome opinions known.  

It becomes all about being the hands and feet and ears of Jesus.

This is a rare gift, a fine art, a sacred calling.  In this generation of omni-present social media, it's become far too easy to make everything about us.  But as believers in Christ, it's all about Him.  And being available for the ones He brings on to our paths.

Being present.  In Jesus' name.  For His sake.  And the emotional healing and spiritual growth of others.

πŸ‘‰  The Listening Life: Embracing Attentiveness in a World of Distraction by Adam McHugh is, hands down, one of my all time favorite books.  It was our second Book Club read back in 2018.  In fact, if I could only recommend one book to you for this whole year it would be this powerful, yet easy to read gem.

πŸ‘‰  If your church is looking for a lay ministry to come alongside the hurting, check out Stephen Ministries.  A huge component is learning to be faithfully present for someone, listening well, asking wise questions, and gently pointing the care receiver to Christ.  No pat answers, no fixing, no preaching.  I'm a huge fan.   


dear Lord

help us to listen well

like Jesus did when He

stopped what He was doing

& turned His focus to 

the heavyhearted who

yearned for His loving care

He showed us how to meet

people right where they were

fully attuned to their neediness

no matter how many demands

clamored for His attention 

teach us to discern 

Your still small voice so we may

receive compassionate grace

to be wounded healers

for those You send our way

for Your sake

& the redemption of the 

bruised & broken



πŸ‘‰  During this weekend, let's look for an opportunity to fully focus on someone else, with lovingkindness being the only agenda ~

Thank you, Judie,
for sharing Tabletalk
with our Stephen Ministries



  1. People are so much more important than our "list." Thanks for that reminder, today.

    1. Lynn, you give a wise caution for those of us who love our lists ...

  2. Holy curiosity is such a neat practice and one I need to use more often!!

  3. "Lovingkindness being the only agenda." Yes, dear Lord, help us all to live that way.

    1. If we look deep within, we may be quite surprised at the number of agendas we've accumulated over the years ...

  4. To be the ears of Jesus, as well as his hands and feet--that's a worthy goal to keep in mind. I too like that phrase, holy curiosity. I often pray that family and friends who don't know Jesus as Savior will be overcome by holy curiosity in Him, his offer of salvation, and the Bible.

    1. What a beautiful way to pray, Nancy. May we never block their holy curiosity by our own examples. That's a scary thought, for sure.

  5. Replies
    1. I hope yours has been lovely, Cindy.

  6. Oh I enjoyed this post. YES...loving kindness!!!! Hugs and blessings to you dear lady. Cindy

    1. mmm .... oh yes, His lovingkindness is better than life (Psalm 63:3).

  7. Thank you for sharing "holy curiosity". In this age of distractions and multi-tasking, we definitely need to fully focus!

    1. For sure. It's like we don't even realize how distracted we've become ...

  8. This is profound, Linda, "We're focused on another's story with the mind of Christ. It's all about Him. Being present. In Jesus' name. For His sake."

  9. Thank you for sharing "holy curiosity". Love the idea.

    Hugs and blessings, my friend πŸ’

    1. Thanks for being here, Veronica ...

  10. Ahhh, Linda. What a refreshing post. I'm pondering the idea of holy curiosity. After living through four months of lots of travel, my soul and thoughts are easily distracted. There hasn't been space within me for holy curiosity. I'm seeing just how important this idea is. Thank you for sharing it. And thanks for mentioning The Listening Life. I've added it to my TBR list. I'm always thankful for the resources you provide, my friend.

    1. 'my soul and thoughts are easily distracted.'

      I hear you. I feel the same way. I'm trying to remove unnecessary distractions. I'm surprised how many creep in unannounced.

      I'd love to hear your take on The Listening Life!

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    1. No doubt in my mind. If anyone can make a plan, it'd be you, friend! No need for a guilt trip if it doesn't happen. As they say, 'it's the thought that counts ...'