Porch #53 * Bye-Bye, July

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A good weekend to you!

Ah, the humid heat wave washed out to sea and then headed right back again.  She seems quite content to hover over us with no interest in moving on.  As I'm polishing up this week's edition of Porch, I shoot a quick glance out the window and and can only hope my fledgling garden survives.

Yes, I believe in global warming.

Meanwhile, we're pulling together some things for a bit of a journey, hoping the Adirondack mountains will give us a bit of respite.  Body, soul, and mind are longing for renewal, a retreat, a re-calibration.

The grandkids will be there and they are {usually} like a whirlwind of fresh air.  Our world becomes lighter and brighter and much more entertaining when they're around.  They're on the way to adulthood and I admire the people they are becoming ... often quite perceptive and far too funny for their own good.  It's fascinating to see how each one is cultivating a relationship with Jesus in their own unique way.  

Isn't it refreshing that the next generation doesn't have to look just like us to become just like Him.


Young adults are crocheting and calling it the 'grandma era.'  Meanwhile, the 'coastal grandmother' has taken the summer by storm ... have you seen her carefully selected wardrobe and her curated home decor?  {Trust me, just because you're a woman of a certain age who lives near a coastline doesn't mean you dress, dine, or decorate like this!}

3 pandemic habits that Hannah is absolutely done with {me, too}.

Face and body and lips - my daily SPF protection.

Many of these e-book deals will vanish as July morphs into August making way for a whole new slew of bargains.  Go ahead and do a quick scroll to be sure you haven't missed a hidden gem.

This video, this song.  It's not just those people out there. We all have our weakness and we all make mistakes.  We all need Jesus.
'They kept demanding an answer, 
so he stood up again and said ... 
“Let the one who has never sinned 
throw the first stone!"
John 8:7

May the LORD bless you and protect you.
May the LORD smile on you
and be gracious to you.
May the LORD show you his favor
and give you his peace.
Numbers 6:24-26



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