February's 4 Somethings

Thank You, Lord, that February is zipping right on by.  I don't think I've ever met anyone who says that this is their favorite month.  And that's ok.

Every once in awhile You send a warmish day with bright blue skies and we know that all will be well.

Meanwhile ...

I'm praying this praiseworthy song on repeat these days.  Because sometimes this is all we can do.  And it is more than enough.

I just want to speak the name of Jesus
Over fear and all anxiety
To every soul held captive by depression
I speak Jesus

Emily Freeman's recent How to Walk Out of a Room stirred up memories of places I've walked into ... and out of.  Some were rooms of exhilarating opportunity.  Others felt like a pair of ill-fitting shoes.  There were rooms I stayed in far too long.  And others where freedom and joy were unleashed.

Sometimes we have to close the door behind situations that haven't served us well ... and yes, even the opportunites that have been wonderful require closure.  Because that's the only way we'll discover the place God has for us to be in this next season.

Joshua 1 is a call to battle.  God speaks these words, 'be strong and courageous.'  Repeatedly again and again.  He knows that we need to be constantly reassured of His presence, His power, His peace because we are easily prone to discouragement and fear ... the hand-wringing and what-ifs that tend to paralyze us into inaction. 

Yes, we really are in a battle.  But it's His battle, not ours.  We ask Him {repeatedly} to still our hearts.  We fight on our knees.  We speak Jesus.  We reject clamor and crazymaking and doom-scrolling.  We look for practical ways to show His lovingkindness and grace.

The LORD will fight for you; you need only to be still.
- Exodus 14:14

One of my favorite things is to hunt down top-shelf resources.  You've told me that this is helpful, so ... here you go!  There are now two pages on the website that feature a treasure trove of discoveries.  I'm so excited! 

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Let's talk about February in your neck of the woods ~

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