Porch #28 * Bittersweet Edition

Ah, it's the week before Christmas ...

Truth be told, things might not be all that merry in your world.  Maybe bad news cast a heavy shadow on your week, this month may have been a tough one, or it's dawned on you that 2021 has turned out to be yet another great big disaster.

It could be that years after a season of cascading losses, your grief feels as fresh and raw as if it all happened yesterday. 

It's hard stuff when you're wading through endless expectations ... to perform, put on your fake-happy face, cater to well-meaning yet demanding loved ones with their endless lists and plans.  Once comforting traditions become tyrants and a far-too-full calendar makes you want to crawl under the covers 'til 2022.

Bittersweet.  Yes, indeed.

This week we're acknowledging the reality of both bitter and sweet in our lives.  If you find yourself in a tender place these days, you'll most likely experience both smiles and tears as you scroll and click your way down the page. 

We join together acknowledging what is true - that a peace-fueled joy and untold sorrow are somehow able to mingle well together.  Kind of like kissing cousins.  Or pretzels and chocolate.

He understands.

The women in my life agree on this yummy hand-spun stress reliever after a frazzling work day.  An unpleasant visit with the doctor.  Or troublesome news.

Did you catch 2021's Top Three Books this week?

Oh, this song puts words to where we are.  Thank You, Jesus.

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Watch for the serendipitous 
little joys God will choose 
to bless you with this week.
Yes, even in those moments of
melancholy or mourning.