16 Random Yellow Somethings

Isn't yellow the most serendipitous color?  

She flaunts her golden self just a bit, inviting you to sit right up and take notice of her splashy arrival.  She pops into view like a ray of unexpected sunshine, leaving you wondering when and where she'll show up next.  

Metal, flower, fruit, sky, paper, cloth, wood.  She grabs every venue and shakes them all up.

And she's not a bit afraid to invite other hues to the party ... the greens, pinks, blues, reds, and purples.  Because she knows deep in her pretty heart that she'll always outshine them all.

Remember The BLUES Scrapbook?

She shoves Ol' Blue to the side.  'Cause there's not a shred of doubt in her mind that she reigns as the belle of the ball.  And she's not the least bit hesitant to grab this month's 4 Somethings post and run with it.

As you slowly scroll down, you'll find 16 random images of something loved, something read, something treasured, and something aheadAnd what captures your creative attention will weave a completely different storyline than what's evolving in the mind of the reader next door.

THAT'S what serendipity is all about!

Serendipity is my word of the year.  What's your word / verse / number / goal / phrase?

And do any of these snapshots conjure up some sort of uniquely personal something loved, something read, something treasured, or something ahead narrative?

Linda  🌻



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