My Post of the Year . . .

Well, the year is almost done.  

Thank You, Lord, for carrying us through, amen.

I've spent a bit of time scrolling through 2020's posts.  I took special note of the ones that had the most comments, which were not necessarily the ones with the most hits.  

You bloggers know exactly what I'm talking about.

Then I scanned to see which of those conversations ended up being relevant to where we find ourselves right now, that somehow struck a chord that continues to resonate on.  And Nesting-in-Place, written last March as the reality of covid was hitting us, won, hands down.

Nope, it's certainly not the most important thing I penned in 2020 nor the most profound.  But this simple piece resonated with many of us who were desperately trying to find our footing, whether homebound or out and about.  

And nine months later it's hard to believe that we're still in the throes of this wretched pandemic which has turned our lives inside out in countless ways we never thought possible.

We will never be the same. 

God knows.

So, this is My Post of the Year.

With all the talk about sheltering-in-place, self-isolation, quarantine, and social distancing, I'd like to coin a new phrase.

One a bit more winsome, comforting, and calming.


With each passing day, more of us find ourselves, by law or mandate, having to stay in our homes except for a quick run to the supermarket, drug store, or taking care of a severe medical need.

And no, home is not necessarily a place of rest and repose these days, with the kiddos home from school, an unforeseen lack of routines, and all the crazy unknowns this new lifestyle entails.  And I'm hearing that with more of us working from home, already challenging jobs have quickly morphed into seemingly endless, stressful 24/7 workloads ...

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I'd be fascinated to hear what you penned this year that captures your reality ... feel free to leave a link ~


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