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Hello again, all you book-lovin' conesisseurs!  I'm grateful you've joined me on the porch, ready to put your feet up and join us all in some postive, therapeutic conversation!  For if ever we needed a little bibliotherapy, it'd be right about now, yes? 

I've been using the last month or two to thumb through a few old favorites in addition to whittling down my towering stack of magazines gathered from hither and yon the past year.  They'd been left to rest quietly as I voraciously devoured library book after library book.

Needless to say, that's not happening right now.

Have you adjusted to your public library being shuttered tight?  Loving your Kindle these days?  Or re-discovering a few old, abandoned friends who've been sitting on your dusty shelves, biding their time, awaiting to be cradled and cherished in your eager hands yet again?


Speaking of old friends, I recently got an email from a dear childhood pal.  She wrote, 'I look forward to catching up on some John Grisham books after I finish my current reading supply!  Any suggestions among his most recent?  I know that you are also a fan!'

Grisham's latest, Camino Winds, is the sequel to 2018's Camino Island.  The author clues the reader in to the plot line right here.  If you're a Grisham fan, you'll probably love this blend of mystery, memorable authors / felons, and surprise twists amidst a hurricane's aftermath.
Kindle - $14.99
Hardcover - $17.37

Another old friend writes another new book.  And there's no better time, as we continue to figure out our practical responses to the pandemic, to sit down with Anne Bogel's Don't Overthink It: Make Easier Decisions, Stop Second-Guessing, and Bring More Joy to Your Life.

Anne offers a bounty of practical thoughts on freeing ourselves from that 'analysis paralysis' that holds us hostage from making decisions and moving forward.  She talks about information overload and perfectionism and gives concrete steps on 'what to do when your brain gets stuck on the bad stuff.'

Decision fatigue is a real and present danger for all of us and her common sense strategies to limiting your options so to ease your decision making process is brilliant and leaves you wondering why you never thought of these steps before.

Each chapter closes with a few simple questions to clarify your challenges and responses to what you're discovering about yourself.

This is a must read, for such a time as this, for sure.
Kindle - $9.49
Paperback - $9.99

Another old friend I've been revisiting is Sarah Young's Jesus Today: Experience Hope Through His Presence.  

I'm not only paging through this little devotional for my own encouragement, but have started to read to my husband in the morning as we awake or in the evening before we pray and he conks right off to sleep.

It's been eons since I've read to him ... and I think he likes it.  {That I'm reading outloud.  Not that it's been eons!}

Sarah's messages are spot on and I love that she prints the Scripture verses out for the reader's ease.

Again, a must read for such a time as this.  This gem is small enough to tuck in your bag ... and a thoughtful, empathetic gift for a special someone who needs extra helpings of hope.
Hardcover - $11.98

Anne Bogel

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