A Prayer For Those Who Aren't Doing Well

Dearest Friends ~

If you're having a hard time with all that's assailing us, trust me, you're not alone.

You've touched on it in the comments of one post or another here.

Or poured it out in black and white at your online home.

You've wept soft tears over the phone as you whispered your burden and fears and we prayed back and forth for each other.

Huddled in our winter coats, you've admitted that you're frustrated and sad as we walked down the dirt path six feet apart.

You've texted, you've emailed, you've sent notes.

I've seen the exhaustion in your eyes, the tightness in your smile, the droop of your shoulders.

I hear what you're saying ... and what you're not quite able to voice.

I am with you in this struggle.

And we are not alone.

'I pray for the courage to admit that you are not fine.  And that when you say those words aloud that you would be met by love and care.  I pray that you would remain open to participating in your own healing, even if it comes to you in ways that you resent and fear at first.  Just because it's new to you doesn't mean God isn't already waiting there for you in the doctor's office, in the therapist's room, on the page, in the conversation, in the solitude.  May you welcome the love of God to your most tender places.'
- Sarah Bessey, Miracles and Other Reasonable Things

Amen and amen.

My review of Sarah's book is here.

P.S. #2
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P.S. #3
If you're experiencing depression or anxiety, please contact your doctor.  Please call 911 if you're in crisis.



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