I'd Rather Be Reading * Session #2

Welcome back, my lovely bookish companions!  I loved the conversation that spilled out in our first session ... on shared tears and renewed empathy, choosing a book by its cover, reading challenges we take on that broaden our horizons, and that desire to finish reading all the books we bought along the way and never opened.

Together, we're continuing to page through Anne Bogel's captivating, thought-provoking I'd Rather Be Reading in this 5 session Online Book Club.

This week's quotes ...

'Can every devoted reader point back to the book that hooked them on the story?  I'd like to think so.  Not a book they appreciate, or grudgingly respect, but the one that captivated them, the one they didn't want to put down, the one that made them decide, for themselves, to make reading a part of their life, forever.'
- Chapter 5, page 45

'Books provide a safe space to encounter new and unfamiliar situations, to practice living in unfamiliar environments, to test-drive encounters with new people and new experiences.  Through our reading, we learn how to process triumph and fear and loss and sadness, to deal with annoying siblings or friend drama or something much, much worse.   And when we get to the point in our real life when it's happening to us, it's not so unfamiliar.  We've been there before, in a book.'
-  Chapter 7, page 52

Grab your very own hardcover {$9.13 at time of posting!}, the Kindle edition {$2.99 at time of posting!}, or zip on over to your local library to scoop up your copy there.  {As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.}

Let's talk about your own pivotal books ... and how you learned about life's rough patches through an author's compelling, influential storyline ...

For our next session, please read through chapter 12!


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