On the Porch * Dear Linda #2

Hey, you're back!

If it's the weekend, then we're On the PorchAnd yes, there's plenty of room for you here.

You never know what you'll find when you stop by ... some Scripture or maybe a few links or snapshots or something that caught my eye during the week.  Or, like we have again today, a simple question that deserves focused conversation, like this one left by Mary Geisen in the comment section last week.

Mary hosts a weekly blog link-up ... if you're writing online, do slip over to her place on Tuesday morning and join the happy throng.  She's a delightful hostess and you'll get to connect with all kinds of creative types.

Such fun!

She writes ...
I always love spending time with you.  Thank you for inviting me to sit on the porch awhile with you.  I have been interested in Lectio Divina and the process of diving deeper.  Ruth Haley Barton explained it well.  Have you ever dived deeper into Lectio Divina?

Hi Mary!

Thanks for tucking your little question into the comment section last week!  After I answered it, I knew I wanted to include it in a Dear Linda post because prayer is such a vital part of our Christian life.

Or should be.

Ruth is a superb spiritual guide.  I found her to be a mentor-from-afar when I was making my way through the women-in-ministry minefield back in the day.  She's spoken powerfully over time on issues of women in ministry, solitude and silence, and church leadership.  I was able to attend one of her retreats years ago, her books line a shelf in my office, her blog is excellent, I love getting her newsletter in my inbox each week, and her podcast is well worth the investment of 30 minutes.  Here's a link to her resources.

Yep, I'm a fan.

In answer to your question, I've tried Lectio Divina a few times here and there but it didn't work for me ... it felt kind of forced and a bit outside my comfort zone.  

What I do appreciate is simply sitting with whatever Scripture I'm reading for the day and stopping when a few words speak to me.  I reflect on those words, repeating them to myself, breathing deeply until they become embedded in my soul.

While I don't do Bible memorization like I did when I was a little girl {in the KJV, of course!!}, meditation on just a few simple words has calmed me often, focusing me on the beautiful strength of His Word for the here and now.  It speaks to whatever challenges and situations I'm facing and has deepened my prayer life.

Over the years, my most focused praying has been through journaling.  Putting pen to paper in the presence of the Savior has been a lifeline, a grace, a salvation.  After I've unpacked, my mind has stopped spinning because I believe I've been heard, my thoughts and emotions validated.  My heart is open to Him and I find clarification and peace. 

Most nights, I pray myself to sleep.  Literally.  What a way to finish off the day, connecting with the Lover of my soul.  Sure beats counting sheep or tossing and turning.

And sometimes, I invite people in my world to share their requests with me and I do a kind of informal day of quiet prayer as I make my way through the hours.

Like this weekend when the schedule is open and all around me is still.

Your sister in Christ ~

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Dear Readers - what's your prayer life look like?  Is it waxing and waning, strong and powerful or, like mine, somewhere in between?

I'd love to pray specifically for you this weekend.  Please leave your prayer request in the comment section.  Email readers, click on the post title to join us.

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Weekend's loveliest blessings to you, to yours ~

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